For sure! Guns shoot .... when that happens you call it a gunshot. How hard was that..? 000713
morgan temple of heaven gunpowder tea.
grapeshot shrapnel mixed with steam.
nick 1996
Just another day in a dreary week.

My Happy Valley was anything but.
I felt so alone. Couldn't get out of bed.

Ken called me. "turn on the news"

what a bad idea

Maybe she cracked, or maybe she wanted to die that day. In the gloomy darkness of that morning she dragged herself under a pine tree.

newspaper, coffee, rifle, and knife

nobody saw her

until it was too late

blood and cordite
hero and villian
sniper and target
lived and died

the smell of cordite makes me nervous
wingedSerpent I try never to deliberately be anywhere near people or places that might cause me to run across the smell of gunsmoke anymore. 031011
RedDragon Not that she was afraid, because she was never afraid of death.
Your death letters mean nothing to me.
Make my fucking day, PUNK!
wingedSerpent to my mixed response,
anyone who has ever shot at me

had piss-poor aim

i always worried more about random crossfires
falling_alone there was an article i read about a girl who was accidentally shot by a hunter while going to the bathroom.

he thought the toilet paper the tail of a deer.

i didnt seem to care whether or not she was ok...the only thought that came to mind was:

were her pants still down when they found her?

because i know i'd be pissed if someone found me without any pants on.
what's it to you?
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