burden It's almost as if I would rather be securely alone than precariously one. 010715
no reason with or without ducks? 020613
freakizh like george michael?

oh, not really. that's fag.
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"Guam straddles
the edge of the Philippine Plate
with the Pacific Plate
thrusting below it --
an area called
the subduction zone."

i'm not much of a traveler
but this place sounds like fun
Rhin fun? it's fun for approximately 30 days. after that, you come to the realization that everything to be done on the tiny island has been done! you begin to lie awake at night wondering if you can snorkel to Australia. i attempted that one. escape from Tarague! i only made it as far as Coco's Island. it took me less than 2 hours (swimming), and i didn't even make it outside the main island's reef. :) 021108
stork daddy they'd have an airport but then they couldn't fit the hotel. 021108
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