IKC 56-80 Addictive.

damn fun way vent aggressions.
scifininja just driving around is pretty fun enough for scifininja. for some reason beating a guy to death and becoming drenched with his computer blood is still disturbing to her. 030721
karl the weed yeah, ditto. i like just jacking cars, thats fun for me. 030722
IKC 56-80 it'll make you believe an ambulance can fly.

i dunno, i think i've got an evil streak.
i like blocking traffic with a nice fatal car-pedestrian encounter in an intersection and then running far enough away that i can safely fire a rocket into the traffic jam and the crowd pedestrian rubberneckers gawking at the guy i ran over, then scooping up all the cash
Mysticphoenix In some country, GTA is an object of crime. Crazy 100613
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