bibliophile grr, i dont like grrrr, its too long, and it makes me do weird things, like posting the same thing on different boards. 040109
Demon from hell knowz where ok pplz wtf iz rong wid all of you u guyz you guy must ge all like rely gay ofr really homosexual gosh that is a dam big word well u guyz must have alot of dam free time on your gay freakin handz i hate ppllz that like to say they are all gay and wear fucking make u pplz suck at being alive. why r u pplz sooooo gay go 2 hell so i can like set u on fire or somthing evil like that 040428
dosquatch What fucking language was that? 040428
minnesota_chris I am not gay. However, I have gay freaking hands. 040428
love & hate arrrgh 040429
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