Jenna How I am with Will Hoge or Jump_Little_Children. A stunned little girl who cannot speak in thier presence. Who just wants to be closer to them. * swoon *

And not really a bandaid, either, if you know what I mean. ;)

It's really just sad.
anti-social butterfly i used to be. i pretend not to be. it's really sad, cuz everyone teases me. but i am getting better. i am able to speak to them now, pretend like i am not obsessed. once you meet a "rockstar" or whatever in public, not at one of their shows, it is different. if you meet them in maybe some city's streets, then they are the same as you. they do not look their best and they are not the absolute coolest people ever. once you've pulled off talking to them once, you can do it again. and the next time you won't be as afraid and you can act like you are friends with them. with regards to jump little children and will hoge, i have met them before and they really aren't that hard to talk to. i only met will hoge at his shows, but i met matt from jump little children in the streets of athens. he was reeeally easy to talk to (despite my being obsessed with him). he was really nice. and then i got to hang out with the band after one of their shows, but everyone left and we went to a restaurant. the guys are really nice and funny and humble, so don't be afraid to talk to them. talking to people that you like is a lot easier when they are not at the show, because the hype is not there, ya know? anyway, i hope that you and i can stop being such silly groupies. 011031
Jenna butterfly, are you from Athens? That is where I live. I would love to just run into Jump someday. :) They are nice and humble and stuff, I know this. It doesn't make it any easier for me, though.

I have a good dialogue going with Will most of the time. (Except he didn't answer my last e-mail. I got spoiled by him, always getting replies within days. Now he's too busy for little me. *sigh* Oh well.)

I just want to be friends with these people! I mean, they are talented and cool, and not bland. That's not just a rockstar thing that's a music thing, perhaps.

Cool people are just hard to find. When you spot a bunch in one place, you want to take advantage of that. I think that's what I'm getting at.

Or perhaps I am just rambling like the nervous groupie that I am. I'll stop now.
anti-social butterfly i am not from athens, but i go to school there. so that is where i am now i guess. and i guess i can relate to your groupie feelings a lot. if i spot a bunch of cool people i want to take advantage of that as well. athens is full of cool people like that, i am always meeting local musicians and stuff. the more i meet people like that the cooler i am able to act because they are more and more like normal people. but deep inside i will always be and excited loser groupie at heart. anyway, weird, we both live in the same town, groupies unite! :) 011105
Jenna Do you go to UGA? That's where I go! What a small, small world. Maybe you could introduce me to some cool people someday (including yourself, of course). I'm a freshman and have few friends here in ole' Athens. Maybe it's because *I'm* such a dork. 011105
anti-social butterfly yeah, i go to UGA. crazy, it is a small world. i wouldn't have thought of any UGA people that i know as people who would like blather. anyway, i am a freshman as well. it is hard to meet people here because well, i am not into the preppy or greek life scene. however, i have met a decent amount of cool people here. where do you live? which dorm i mean? if you wanna get in touch, i am amanigrrl on aim. 011105
themachine groupies don't cry
they just cough
smiling innocently amoung the crowd
they might think they know
but they don't know what the lead
singer is saying...
discounting the ones stepping around
the landmines
...outlined in pink
mindy groupies DO cry
BIG GIRLS don't cry!

this little groupie went to market
this little groupie stayed home
and THIS little groupie went to DASHBOARD all the way in Chicago!
a clever disguise to think I could have cared for and still admire someone so selfish, manipulative, vile and completely unaware of how selfish, manipulative, vile and completely unaware he was and is.

the pain of being a notch in the belt is intensified by truly caring and truly feeling like so much more than that because I was made to.

i am still drawn to the idea of showing you how wrong you were, or maybe just how much i deserved to be one of you.

a warning to the next batch of school-age girls, perhaps.
what's it to you?
who go