lrig makes me feel like there people more screwed up than i am
that other people cry at night because nobody loves them, and they lost at badminton

that i'm not alone, even though i am
it's reassuring, in a strange way...
others screaming somebody love MEEEEEEEEEEE

and people who say things that don't sound true, but could be
cause people are fucked up, in general
it's just that we pretend we aren't, to each other

except on blather
i love blather
Snook Someone posted it in other_sites and when i first looked at it I thought it was kinda sick, but now I look at it and it's comforting to know that there are people out there as weird as I am,( and some of it is curiously sick and hilarious)sometimes though I just wanna post replies to what people say, but I don't think I'll ever post anything. 051006
Piso Mojado moderating is what i like best 051006
superleni okay ... but only with people i like a lot 061027
what's it to you?
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