WoNDERGIRL seems, in some way, to be following me around 000521
ggerg *throws on his black coat, gloves, tanker boots, and slips into the shadows, nervous at the idea of almost being caught* 000521
WoNDERGIRL I'm too tired
to even make some sort of snide remark
to kid you
so I'll go to bed now
Tiffa I noticed that too, since i happen to be following him around. hehe, i dont think it matters if i get caught because i just gave myself up. not that it wasnt obvious. *smiles* 000522
fritz He played trumpet in the second band, second chair. I was in the top band, second chair. Every year it was the same, same band, same chair, same instrument. Then came marching season. We weren't top bands and lower bands, we were THE band. 130 people placed together as a whole. The sniveling crying screaming bleeding awful drama was shared by all. I live for marching season.

He took a liking to me right away. I knew we'd end up somehow. It was always clarinets and trumpets, always. Clarinet chick and trumpet rudeboy. Band tradition, ever since the school opened.

But then Trent showed up, left, and broke my heart. I went numb and still am.

Sorry Mr. Pearson.
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