uganda oh oh oh
whosoartthou that knows my name?
oh... and plays my shy game.
(that i know fucks with me all the same.)
tingle me your fingertips.
give me information!
(even a little gibberish, straight from you to me)
i'll eat it right, baby.
and i'll know this voice from that.

then hum coyly in contentment.
endless desire deep and fresh. alive.
i can't read your rolling eyes.
or that sigh you make when you are tired of everything.
turning every uncomfortable moment into a laugh.
yes, now we are mature.
makes me think of light greens mixed with teal.

warm embrace. cool hugs. summer nights.
fresh sunsets. cool sunrises.
simple gestures,
familiar scenes swirl in a pool of memories.
makes me think of deep greens with spinning blues.
what's it to you?
who go