typhoid They had come in the fuge to the stretto
When a dark, bearded man from a ghetto
Slipped forward and grabbed
Her tresses and stabbed
Her to death with a rusty stiletto.
typhoid The first child of a Mrs Keats SHelly
Came to light with its face in its belly;
Her second was born
with a hump and a horn,
And her third was as shapeless as jelly.
typhoid There was a young woman named ells
Who was subject to curios spells
When got up very oddly,
She'd cry out things ungodly
By the palms in expensive hotels.
typhoid At the Villa Nemetia the sleepers
Are disturbed by a phantom in weepers;
It beats all night long
A dirge on a gong
As it staggers about in the creepers.
typhoid From Number Nine, Penwiper Mews,
There is really abominable news:
They've discovered a head
In the box for the bread,
But nobody seems to know whose.
typhoid and stepped backwards into the water for a better view.

Heavens, how dashing! cried the people in the dinghy,

and Echo answered: Count the spoons!
typhoid The Magnate waits upon the pavement
For his enormous limusine,
And ponders further child_enslavement
And other projects still more mean.
The Proctor buys a pupil ices,
And hopes the boy will not resist
When he attempts to practise vices
Few people even know exist

The Quarry, fleeing from the outing,
Sinks panting in the reeds and mud;
And hearkens to the distant shouting
That tells him the are out for blood.

The Resurrectionist goes plying
Without ado his simple trade;
Material is always dying
And got with nothing but a spade.

The Suicide, as she is falling,
Illuminated by the moon,
Regrets her act, and finds appalling
THe thought she will be dead so soon.

The Tourist huddles in the station
While slowly night gives way to dawn;
He finds a certain fascination
In knowing all the trains are gone.
The Wanton, though she knows its dangers,
Must needs smear kohl about her eyes,
And wake the interest of strangers
With long_drawn, hoarse, erotic sighs.
The Zouave used to war and battle
Would sooner take a life than not:
It scarely has begun to prattle
When he impales the hapless tot.
typhoid They were soon joined by Donald, Herbert's singularly well_favoured sheepdog, and many were the giggles and barks that came from the shrubbery. 000702
typhoid X is for Xerxes devoured by mice. 000702
lokkust F is for Fanny sucked dry by a leech 000702
MollyGoLightly K is the scariest one.

my favorite is Z.
lotusflower Poor Titus. He flew into bits. :( 000703
Legion S is for Susan, she perished of fits
Y is for Yorick whose head was knocked in.
Z is for Zillah who drank too much gin
whirligirl A is for Amy who fell down the stairs 000703
birdmad B is for Basil, assaulted by Bears. 000704
Legion C is for Clara, who wasted away. 000705
Grendel D is for Desmond, thrown from a sleigh. 000705
gashlycrumb grendel E is for Ernest, who choked on a peach. 000705
erin F is for Fernie, who chugged down some bleach. 000718
skaaraab BZZZT! that was not the correct
(nor was it my final)

for Fanny
Sucked dry by a leech.

G is for George
Smothered under a rug

His for Hector
Done in by a thug

I is for Ida
Who drowned in a lake

J is for James
Who took lye by mistake
erin egh. BZZZT back to you. 000719
klarchen K is for Kindness,
Shredded by flecks of Sparkles.
skaaraab is for Kate
Who was struck with an Axe

and L is for Leo
who swallowed some tacks

(Oh, Man..that Gorey was a warped bastard...i can't help but enjoy that)
Grendel Knock it off, dung beetle

you're interrupting my fun.
~*~DaughteroftheMoon~*~ i love these poems but you laugh at them and then you think "oh this is so depressing, i shouldnt be laughing at this, giggle giggle snort snort" 040314
z the curious sofa 040314
plage When they answered the door on that wild winter night/
There was no one expected, and no one in sight

All at onece it lept down and ran in to the hall/
Where it chose to remain with its nose to the wall

It was seemingly deaf to all that they said/
So at last they stopped screaming and went off to bed

In the morning it joined them and presently ate/
all the toast and the syrup and a part of a plate

It wrenched off the horn of the new gramaphone/
And could not be persuaded to leave it alone

what's it to you?
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