The Schleiffen Man good stuff 000901
silentbob Ok....but first ya gotta do the Truffle Shuffle 010409
owl goonies never say die!!!!! 010410
aimee i've always wanted to be a goonie. Always. The other day, Art told me that I was his favourite Goonie... it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.. 010529
sabbie after watching that when i was little i spent the next few years nervously watching down the toliet as i was going to make sure a skeleton wasnt coming up around the u bend to get me.

now i look back and think im not even sure that was in the movie.

little kids are so weird sometimes
lookie here what happened to your braces? 011217
is it french? ...i smell ice cream... 040222
blown cherry I almost died at the "what happened to your braces?" scene - I had such a crush on our lovely Sam Gamgee at the time. I can't say he's the looker he once was, but I'll always have a soft spot for that little boy who went looking for One Eyed Willie.

And that organ was just the coolest!
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl dude!
thats like my fave movie of all time!!!!
i want to watch it again
puredream I'm having a Goonies Party... everyone's invited... 040723
what's it to you?
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