Look or what youíve left for me
Now that youíve moved on
Wonít pass for therapy
Just one more scar that's never gone
You tried to break me down
Time and time again
Rejection feels to scream
But I can't make a sound

It's me you tried to hide
As I hold you in my arms
As I feel your body broker
Is this just a dream?

Disappointment follows me
It's always just behind
Self doubt bred solitude
Frustration robs me blind
No pain no part of me
I have grown numb and cold
Self-centered fantasy
Obsessed with self control

This is your worst fucking nightmare
One chance a clean break
Much more than I can take
Lies cast shadows
Dark things nobody knows
You've lost who's won?
My revenge has just begun
I've just begun
And I'm coming home

Friday night she's not alone
I wonder who's going to drive her home
And walk her to the door
And will she give him a good night kiss
Monday at schoot she says hello
I fight the tears as I watch her go
She'll never know what she means
To this lonely boy
If you'd only take a walk with me
Just give me some time and you might see
I could be your hero if you'd let me in
You can't deny what's in your heart
And you know i'm trying to be a part
You can do better than those other boys

Well, I must say I don't like what I see
You're upset but as of yet
It doesn't mean that much to me
You say you need my sympathy
You say you're in a bind
But there's no time like the present
To find some piece of mind

And you know
I want to be there when you find out
It's not so bad
You're gonna make it after all
And you know
The pain will always go away
I'll be there
and I won't let you fall
Let you fall

You know that your proposition
Is an imposition
But if you want to talk
I'm always here to listen
You seem so full of doubt
The flame of life has flickered out
But I can see it burning
That flame is still alive


Don't look for answers
In the bottom of a bottle
Just look inside yourself
You'll find the courage to live
One more day
One more day
silentbob Santa Cruz based Good Riddance, one of Fat's most politically motivated outfits, has been pounding out edgy, melodic punk for nearly ten years running. They've (lucky for us) been with Fat nearly since the beginning and we've been lucky enough to release four full length albums by them.
Good Riddance has most recently released an EP, The Phenomenon of Craving, and has been practicing with their new drummer, Dave Wagenschutz, formerly of KidDynamite and Lifetime! Holy drum tricks!
Good Riddance are touring maniacs with a penchant for the unusual (that is, if you consider an obsession with Fat's very own Floyd unusual. . .we sure do). Chuck doesn't get naked onstage too much anymore, but back in the day you couldn't pay that man to keep his clothes on! At any rate, check the tour dates because Good Riddance will surely be in your town soon!
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