tourist The powers that control my internet access at work have just pulled my plug.
It looks like I won't be here as often as I like now.
It's been fun and enlightening.
Best wishes to all of you.
Goodbye for now.
grendel we'll leave a light on for you and the various pilgrims who come and go along this blue highway.

take it easy.
monadh slan go foill 010314
sabbie tourist...

im sorry!

i would lend you some of mine,

if i could...

be careful of yourself out there... the real world has nasty teeth. if you get bitten, seek blatherical advice
kinkazoid please dont tell me that tourist is really gone :( i love the stuff he writes im like about to cry here :( 010608
Aimee My dearest sweet beloved fellow blatherers. I shall be leaving you for a while as I will be going to Germany for a month. I will miss you all and hope to find my e-mail inbox filled with messages telling me how empty and horrid your lives are without me. Just kidding. I'll be back sometime in july. 010609
Toxic_Kisses or @ lest till my computer gets fixed, tha poor things all sick and messed up, but my guys friend is going to come by to pick it up and fix it when ever he haz tha time to eather way tho I'm going to be here till he comes by to pick my 'puter up 020521
some dude hello_for_now

he's back, and has been for a while, AFAIK?
the man upstairs AFLAK? 040917
god mint_cheetos
what's it to you?
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