Dafremen Good Perdition
R. Dafremen

I ate your letters
Couldn't keep them in my brain today
Thought instead I'd take a moment
To make the time and care worthwhile
Spit up the indifferent parts
And savor what you say

Sharpened a bone upon your thoughts today
Sacramentamusing me as usual
Without parody comes the tricky part
Cuz you can't fight good perdition
When you cannot find a way
Faintest trace of blue jean
A bit to cover all intention
Keep the cat in the bag as it were
But let the smoke fall where it may
We both know it'll probably try
And with me here reading between the lines
Lord knows I know my limitations
Cross my fingers, pull your trigger
Can't beat it, guess I'm signing up
Cuz why fight good perdition
When it's hard to find a way?
what's it to you?
who go