good people stoned... ripped.. twisted.. good people.

thats from fear and loating in las vegas. i thought it was fitting, so i used it as my newest blather name.

you may also know me as translucent or Subterranean visions.

but now i am neither.

i gave up both for different reasons. i got bored with Subterranean visions, so i changed to good people. i got pissed off and changed translucent to Subterranean visions. (fuck_you_all_its_time_for_a_name_change)

now, i am just a hippie kid who sleeps a lot and listens to really hardcore music. i smoke a lot of pot and say odd things. many of my blathes under this name have been done when i was stoned.

i am personal friends with distorted tendencies. in fact, i dated her for a long time.

just a bit of bio, i got bored in class and felt like typing something interesting.

bugs bugs bugs.

my email is
i am on msn messenger and on aol messenger. my aim id is poopclapper.

well, i will finish this off with a name for the place were i smoke pot
"the bridge of the holy whipping octopi"
distorted tendencies "personal friends." LOL. Poopclapper. That's pretty gross, Lex.

Speaking of personal friends though, yeah we know pretty much everything about each other. :)
good people sleeps in class
smokes pot
eats burritos

needs sex
Dafremen Deal with their own hangups without having to resort to judging the REST of the world according to THEIR standards.

Know that the words that they say mean NOTHING. It is the things that they DO that really count. Words are to be bantied about and finally entertained by, acted upon or ignored.

Are the best kindza people I know.
good people so here i am again. i havent blathed in a while, and i am at home with absolutely nothing to do. i figured i would get online and play around a bit.

today totally sucked. i just zoned out through all of my classes (more so than usual) and said nothing. stupid english teacher kept making me do work. kill her....
biology teacher=raging bitch
mr. hartman is a fucking moron
and my computer class is USELESS. i already know how to use a fuckin' digital camera and photoshop. i dont think i have any homework, but if i do, im not gonna do it.

this is sorta turning into my bitch at the world page, but i dont care.

farewell for now
good people my parents are in new mexico.
i would have gone by now, but my little brother is here.

i smoked my last bowl this morning, but i was stoned for a few hours. (good pot and a badass homemade bong)

ive been sick for this whole fucking week. i missed three days of school.

i havent seen elyse hardly at all for an entire week. i saw here once friday after school when she came to pick up some make-up work from school.

fuck, i need some more gonj
good people ahh, it feels good to be blathering again. the room dimly lit by the cold blue of the computer screen... excellent.

elyse has been getting on my ass for gettin high and doing shrooms, but i do it anyway :P

i may actually pass all of my classes this quarter. i have been working very hard to do all of my work and do it well. it is tiring, but if i get good grades, it will be worth it. my parents will let me smoke dope and pierce my face.

speaking of, i almost got my belly-button pierced today. it didnt work, the ring wouldnt go through the hole. i will try again in a day or two.

this summer, i get to work at the renaissance festival. i get to sell perfume and incense. 120$ a weekend. booya. im gonna start dealing pot and shrooms.

so, all in all, life is pretty good at this time for a hippy like me. it is fun to be good people.
distorted tendencies Elyse was talking shit about me to her friends today. I know because they all looked at me and started whispering. 020522
good people fuck today. 020523
good people dont pay attention to anything either her or her friends say. its hardly ever important, intelligent, or interesting. 020523
distorted tendencies They do it everyday! No I don't really pay attention. I could give less a fuck of what she says about me. It's all out of jealousy, friend. 020523
good people hehe, i find that funny.

but anyways, how are you these days, 'mara?
good people ahh, how long it has been.

a lot has happened to the little alex since he was last blathering. wow, its been a long time.

k, so i finally have a job. i work at the renaissance festival. maybe you bought perfume or incense from me. i found a steady supply of money so i can buy pot, cds, movies, clothes... it fuckin rocks.
and i still have a girlfriend. i am still going out with elyse. but this chick i met when i was working, kristi, she asked me for my phone number. i gave it to her, thinking nobody would call, but she did. she actually wants to hook up and probably have sex. this sounds awesome, but the thing is, i have a girlfriend. fuck. oh well.

so i just spend most of my time doing absolutely nothing. i am such a huge slacker, and i know it. but it all works out, i guess.

i got my pipe and my bag stolen. in one of my favorite shirts. with ten bucks along with it. someone is gonna get fucked up.... ba-bayam!!

peace and chicken grease!
good people me mum found my navel piercing today. haha. you cant do anything about it, crazy bitch. :P

ive been sober for almost a week. once i get my next paycheck though... wasted away in mariuanaville. bong loads. fuckin' a.

ive been hanging out with elyse a lot (yay!) for the past 2 days. there was some shirtlessness, lots of fondling, macking, and licking. booya. but i was blueballzin like a mofo for a long tme afterwards.

i saw distorted yesterday. she was drunk as fuck. fro! hehehehehe

swimming a lot this summer. ive jumped off the bridge more times than i care to count anymore.

last time i smoked any weed was monday. now its friday. i doubt i will get any more until monday. but last monday was fun... i ate some shrooms and smoked some kind then did a few bong loads.

i went to kendle's house on... wednesday? and hung out with her and elyse. i rolled her a joint because she doesnt know how. i gave them a buncha papers. hope they go to good use. elyse is almost smoking pot.. that will be great. i wish she was a stoner... i need a stoner girlfriend.

before we have sex, she wants me to take a fuckin aids test. isnt that fucking burnt?! oh well.. i will end up doing it anyway because i NEED to get fuckin laid. oh well, im having fun with her.

peace out
distorted tendencies yeah whatever. does she think i have AIDS or something? i am SO sure. hrn. yeah so i am leaving my beloved alcoholic boyfriend. it kind of hurts cause i liked him a lot, i liked matt a lot. but i always fall for the wrong ones. oh well. so i am trying to focus on my future more right now. you don't get any younger you know? i am scared that i won't be successful, but i am sure i will make it. :) 020712
good people wow. life is fucked.

my dad got arrested, and when he came home, he smoked me and richard up. wow. i didnt see that coming.
phil today 020729
good people finally back from new mexico. that state fuckin sucks. me an richard smoked all our bud on the trip there, and when we arrived, we could not find any more at all. it sucked. we got caught by my parents twice (hehe, im not in the least bit of trouble) once in my van at night, and once 750 feet below the surface. thats right. the bathrooms in carlsbad caverns. that was fucking cool... pretty stupid tho. o well. 020807
good people i spent like 20 hours with elyse... yay! no sex tho.. shes on her period (anger!). she gave me a handjob and a buncha hickies. it was an excellent time. 020810
good people gumby lives forever

i went to ozzfest last night. it was pretty cool, but i was with my parents. there was sooooooo much weed that needed to be in my lungs, but noooo. fuckin... whatever. today is my sixteenth birthday. woohoo. nothing is different. i just want to get as stoned as i can.
~gez~ i feel sorry for you. no offence but i hope my life does not turn the way yours has. your not much older than me either, im sixteen in a week 020830
duh pay attention squint. this is what a fifteen year old should be like! 020830
good people feel sorry for me? why? fuck, im having a good time, im sorry for you. seriously, explain why you feel sorry for me. 020907
stork daddy i feel sorry for you because you can't get stoned with your parents. 020907
reitoei the evolution of a stoner...a fascinating creature, one i dont fully understand. perhaps this page was meant_to_be_read_stoned 020907
madhatter Are always the first to die. 020907
good people i got stoned with my dad once

everything is meant to be read stoned
everything is meant to be stoned
i wish i was stoned
good people back again, fuckers. its been so long... far too long. not much has happened since i left, i pierced my lip and got dreadlocks. fuck fuck fuck, i dont even know what to type. ill try again later, now its stop tymemememem 021229
distorted tendencies nice nice precious
the precious is back
what's it to you?
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