Dafremen Godhead(Whiner's Folly)
by Roger Dafremen

In mental ether, rippled waves
Which wash the conscience to and fro
Soon lap at our integrity
Whose solid footing slips away
Black and white seem muddled gray
A fog to thwart decisiveness
While stumbling blindly leads the way
It leads not to humility

Laugh as a god, then bitter weep
When slapped by the reality
That gods with smugly-fitted pride
Soon too fall prey to gravity
Reality? Necessity. Mortality. Humanity.
Into our laps each drops its ball
Each adds it weight upon them all
Some juggle, hold or drop the balls
Overwhelmed, underachieved
Yet still with godhead on
A mask with mirrored inner side
And eyeslits none to see
The balls do drop still you ignore
Insistent sounds of something more
Something outside your universe
That hollow hiding place for one
Drop they must and hit they will
Echoed reminders you despise
A knock from what you traded
To be wallowing in you

Laugh like a god, defeated weep
When struck with the reality
That gods turned in upon themselves
Discover they aren't gods at all
Your universe with but one star
Is trumped by that which has them all.
psychobabe uh! Awesome AWESOME band 011024
lost hell yeah godhead rules!!! 011024
dB nice work daff.

Me likes.
Dafremen Thanks do0d, it needed to be said.

(No, not the poem. The part about godhead rules!!)
flippo probably the best band that ever existed
l_o_s_t i wouldnt go that far but they are damn good. I have been listening to a lot of red hot chilli peppers lately. 011025
sabbie i saw a rolls today with its little angelie thing sticking out from its bonnet all proudly and i thought about my car and how his name is blix r bargild and how good is my car and i decided i need a godhead to superglue his bonnet. 011028
)-( performing oral sex on a deity 011028
god hey! 011028
i am jack gorgeously sacreligious Nitzer Ebb tune 020506
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