Sol I know that my house is populated by a race of small very clever creatures, the type of which may be witnessed only by their effects, they evidently enjoy the impossible irritation they cause to those of us too lumbering and huge to notice their presence, and so go to great lengths to create situations where this is visable, if i ever see one, i shall politely ask them to carry on with it in a more frantic fashion ( perhaps that will encourage them to stop) 010418
silentbob their children are fifty and their voices sound like Tom Bosley. they help woodlyn creatures and run from trolls. 010418
Sol their fingers are nifty, their eyes are shifty (were they large eno' to see) and they have an inate sense of direction (and humour) 010507
sick-o My favorite gnome was Brazen.
He was a Necromancer,Illusionist,Thief and could out cast any half-witted mage standing on one hand. He once destroyed a troll with a small hand axe
(battle axe for him)
The trixter of all trixters he would turn himself invisible and make severed heads levitate.

Chaotic Neutral
str 18
wis 10
int 18
char 11
dex 18
con 12
Aimee my friend Tiffany and I were sitting up late one night and she suddenly burst out that if she had a midget she would dress him up like a gnome and make him work in her garden... but she would call him "little buddha" I didn't know whether or not to laugh or yell at her 010822
CheapVodka pointy hats
foxes for cars
and they live in trees

some of them live in my neighborhood but they aren't like David. They have no eyes and they have 4 fingers instead of 5. They steal bread and other various inanimate objects. They make scary soundz and eat flesh...but they don't eat flesh because they like it...they do it for the screams. I lay in bed at night and listen to their noises and screeches and I cover my face with the covers, tuck my feet in, and stop breathing. Hoping they forget I'm there. I'm scared of them so I sleep with a night light. Seriously...
harrisonbergeron Look at the sky, look at the river
isn't it good?
pigeon so i have this obsession with gnomes.. i feel so bad for the gnomes that people just stick in their yards, and leave them there to be tortured by the harsh elements. i help gnomes.. think of me as sort of a gnome social worker.. i watch gnomes.. drive past them often. and if i see they are well taken care of, i leave them be. but if they are neglected, i remove them from their homes and place them in a new home where they will be safe.. namely.. my home.. i have rescued over 2 dozen gnomes to date. and they all live happily in my home. i know when i'm old, the children in the neighborhood are going to think i'm quite strange having so many lawn ornaments in my house. but they need shelter just like anything else. 040808
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