startfires i'm all alone so far up here and my oxygen's all gone
and the metal my glory box has failed
we're rocking in our reclining chairs
Glory Box Slings and arrows.

Suffer the fools of outrageous fortune, and the swift, baffling fall that accompanies any kind of rise.

Lately not been so glorious.

Sitting in my room with no ambition, strewn, eyes tired but dreading the guilt that sleep will bring.

Tonight I could write the saddest poem of all.

Remember when you read to me, waiting for my streaming eyes to close? Remember how close we were, and how I held you deep inside my heart, till everything crashed and broke? I am sad for this ending, but life rolls along, regardless of what's caught underneath.
coaster I once knew a glory box. With words she tempted life, much do you. A box with a maze, some corridors alike, coded in heiroglyphs from wall to wall. I find words too easy; easy is easy, though. 050531
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