jennifer you wonder how these things begin
well, this begins with a glen
it begins with a season
which, for want of a better word
we might as well call September

it begins with a forest
where the woodchucks woo
and leaves wax green
and vines entwine like lovers
try to see it
not with your eyes, for they are wise
but see it with your ears
the cool green breathing of the leaves
and hear it with the inside of your hand
the soundless sound of shadows flicking light
celebrate sensation
recall that secret place
you've been there
you remember
that special place where once
just once in your crowded sun-lit lifetime
you hid away in shadows from the tyranny of time
that spot beside the clover
where someone's hand held your hand
and love was sweeter than the berries
or the honey
or the stinging taste of mint

it is September
before a rainfall
a perfect time
to be in love
what's it to you?
who go