john from michigan but lost in L.A. one of the best emotional bands next to radiohead. Perfect right after your man takes your heart and stomps on it chews it up and spits it back into your chest. Then says lets still be friends but when you talk it's like he's being more distant than ever and it just makes you cry worse than the date you tried to go on last week and realized you are still in love. Great fucking album !!!!! 001228
twiggie saw them in iowa this summer opening for deftones.

that was the *best* show i have ever been to. glassjaw put on an amazing performance.
stupidpunkgirl i saw them with jessi, in iowa. they opened for the deftones. i went with jessi cause she had an extra ticket. i don't even like them. but i touched chino and she hates me for it. i had fun. 001228
twiggie bitch. 001228
twiggie i mean shoot. 001228
john from michigan but lost in L.A. "when you can't compete with the Jonse's you'll gun em' all down, even the father"

"You're not the other for me, you're just another another hobby for a guy like me"

I wish you a broken heart and a happy new year"
johnboy is so good they can whoop a camels ass with a burrito 010118
johnboy new album
new sound
new music
new emotions
new lesson on feeling
black-dyed gel product I gotta see their show next friday! It's gonna fucking rule. 010622
nemo i think i saw them with deftones... or maybe it was just all in my head 010623
black-dyed gel product yeah, they toured with deftones last summer, good fuckin show!! 010624
black-dyed gel product Goddamn, the show last night was fuckin' great. Daryl's gotta stop pushing his straightedge values though. It's like his trying to make me feel bad about drinking a beer. Also, I sat in gum after Burn's set. The new GlassJAw stuff sounded really good. Ape Dose Mil was pretty cool. Of course Ensign was awesome. NEW JERSEY HARDDCORE. After the show, my friend's and I got lost trying to get home and we ended up in heading out to Montauk when we wanted to get back into Nassau. I got home at around 3:30, and spent the rest of the evening scraping gum off my pants. Nevertheless, damn good show. Newxt week, thisyearsmodel is playing in Garden City. That should be fucking amazing. 010630
black-dyed gel product if you touch it, its cold
if you drop it, it breaks
if you hold it, it shakes
hold it, it shakes
nonameneeded i know one girl that sells herself around. and i'm sure one day she'll sign autographs in your town... 010825
quarantined best band. ever.

this is what it's like to be alone.
unhinged looks like i should have went to laga. then i would have seen them and coheed_and_cambria . 021204
fritz The best band in the world.

Everythingyoueverwantedtoknowaboutsilence has made me cry.
vituperus stentorian 040502
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