unhinged ouch

so we are friends because she has a serious loooong term relationship with her boy. they have a house and a business together. i don't bust people up regardless, but that is definitely one not to touch.

her father is unconscious in the hospital. she is very close to her dad so it is hard on her. then to make that matter worse we ran into her exhusband last night. so rather than take the bus home so she wouldn't have to wait with me i slept at her place. she always wears platform heels and was too drunk to walk without help so i put my arm around her waist and pretty much carried her home.

i just always want to have my arm around her and carry her when she's sad. *sigh*
Lemon_Soda Thats what a gaurdian angel does. 080731
unhinged (he told me i was his angel once; that was the best (well ok, and only) relationship i've ever had)

she looked at me that night and said 'you don't make things happen, you just let them be' which would be why i'm single in a nutshell
daxle With all due respect, that's what a codependent and/or enabler does. Not so much an angel.
I mean, we all have our shitty moments and need support, but if one finds oneself doing a lot more supporting than being supported, that's a raw deal.
Lemon_Soda Only if its the same person, over and over again. And even then, who are we to say they dont' actually need it?

unhinged never struck me as someone you could abuse for an extended period of time.
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