rubydee we had a dinner party
a few weeks ago
and abbie brought gingerbread

we ate it outside with the kids
and watched the moon come over the mountains

tonight sophie began asking for gingerbread
and the moon

how to explain a new moon to a two year old?

papa, please get the moon for me
by eric_carle
does the best job yet.

thank goodness tonight it was waxing
and there was a crescent to view

no gingerbread
and no moon
would've been too much for her to handle.
Comfort food 050803
oren As a child I often heard the story of Hansel and Gretel, but when it mentioned that gingerbread house, I_was at a loss.

To this day I_still don't know what gingerbread is.

Enough is enough. I'm headed to Google right_now to put this lifelong mystery to rest.
oren Ahhhh. So it_was a cookie! 060211
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