absent but still present a beautiful invention of necessity had to be thrown down the trash chute today because someone told the faculty about our parties. i had a moment of silence for my friend today. i don't understand the people that think it is their responsibility to report everything that they think is wrong. damn people. i guess that means i won't be smoking out here anymore. *sigh* 010713
god in milwaukee like van morrison said, "ya gotta keep on smilin'" 010713
absent but still present i have to preserve this information for a time when i might need it again:

1) go to the drugstore and get a full size bottle of sunny-d and a pack of bubble gum

2) go to the hardware store and buy a five inch pipe, elbow, and plumbing screen

3) assemble the pipe and the elbow and drink the sunny-d

4) cut a hole in the sunny-d bottle big enough to fit the pipe and put the pipe in the hole

5) chew the pack of gum and use it to seal the hole around the pipe

6) poke a carb in the opposite side with a pen

7) pack the screen and start puffing
Weed Eater The best thing about a ghetto bong is, they're easy to make and it's a fun, relaxing way to spend the evening.

Even if you did destroy one, what better reason is there to make a newer, better one.

I recommend a gatorade bottle, like 30-40 oz. they have a ridge that perfectly holds a glass stem. Just use a rubber seal to keep it air tight.
phil Grab an apple, then cut a hole in the side, then another hole at the stem, then another hole in the side of the first hole. Apple is good for munchies.

(M) | |
| | --Ghetto
(C)_| |
phil .............................
.........(M)...| |...........
.......... ..| |..--Ghetto
...........(C)_| |...........
mmm absent, if ur talkin about using a copper pipe thats a mistake. it could kill you. when you burn copper it emits a gas, that when mixed w/ the thc can kill you. 010719
absent but still present it wasn't a copper pipe. just regular old cheap metal pipe, which probably isn't much better for me either, but i've grown accustomed to the fact that some day i'm going to die from some form of cancer so i'll get over it. 010719
smoky smokerson | |
| |
| | U
| |//
| '/
| |

my little homemade ghetto baby, 2 foot pvc pipe with a 8 inch glass tube
cheech \
\ *bud
\ *
\ ***
\ *****
\ *******
### (*********)more bud
good people i have had many an experience with the lovely ghetto bong. some of my favorites are:
a ritalin pill bottle, a piece of a pen, and a nutshell for a bowl

a beercan, the tube part of a pen, and a tinfoil bowl

popbottles are used a LOT

but mostly i have graduated into actual bongs. they are nicer, but have much less personality.
poetic_onslaught well if copper kills you, aluminum dont because this is how i used to make my bongs.
you need a normal 12oz can. aluminum foil. and i think thats it.
1. you make a dent on the side of the can and poke a lot of little holes in it with a needle (in the dented part because thats the part that holds the weed.
2. and thats it. thats the simplest bong i know of. you put the bud over the little holes and light it up while you inhale through the part of the can that you would normaly drink from. you have to hold the can sideways of course to keep the weed from falling. ill show yall how to make a water bong and a gravity bong later
poetic_onslaught ok on the other one i messed because you dont need aluminum foil for a regular bong. ok these are the steps for a water bong. you need a normal 12oz plastic bottle, aluminum foil, and a pen. ok this one dont always work but you can fix it up and perfect it.
1. light up a ciggarete and burn a small hole in the side of the bottle.
2. take out the pen and just leave the hollow outside part (so it looks like a straw) and shove it in the hole you made. put some strong tape around the part you put the pen in so that no air gets out through that hole you made.
3. take the lid off the bottle and replace it with aluminum foil. make sure the aluminum foil goes into the bottle some because thats where the bud goes. make little hole in the aluminum foil with a needle. oh but before you put the aluminum foil in, put the water in the bottle but make sure its not above the hole you made. ok tape the aluminum foil to the top of the bottle too to keep the air from escaping.
3. make another hole with you ciggarete on the other side of the bottle (straight across from where you made the first one). and thats it.
for those of you who dont know how to use a water bong this is what you do. you light up the bud and inhale through the pen while you cover the 2nd hole you made. the water should start to bubble. before you finish inhaling, let go of the 2nd hole that you had covered. when you let it go, all the smoke will come out faster and hit you really hard. its like a shotgun but not from another person
poetic_onslaught also for that water bong, make sure the pen isnt touching the water because then you will just be drinking it. now for the gravity bong. i love this one. this is one helluva a shotgun. really, if yall havent tried this you should. you'll love it. you need an empty gallon of milk, aluminum foil, and a bucket.
1. fill the bucket about halfway with water.
2. cut the gallon in half, like an inch or two below the handle
3. now you get the aluminum foil and put it over the part of the gallon that the lid would normally be on. make sure the aluminum foil dents into the gallon because it needs to hold the weed in place. put a lot of little holes on the aluminum foil with a needle once its in place. just wrap the aluminum foil around the edges to make sure it stays (NOT WITH TAPE).
ok now this is how you use it. once youve made the form of the aluminum foil to fit the top of the gallon, take it out. make sure you dont mess up the form of the aluminum foil. go head and put the weed on the aluminum foil at this time (the aluminum foil should be dented in to hold the bud in of course). hold the gallon by the handle and push it into the bucket of water. dont push it in all the way though. now, while the gallon is in the water you put the aluminum foil over the gallon (the part that the lid would normally be on. make sure the weed is on it of course). put the flame of the light right above the weed as close to it as possible. while the flame is over the weed you slowly start to bring the gallon out of the water. this will act like a suction cup and suck the flame into the weed, trapping all the smoke in the gallon. MAKE SURE YOU DONT TAKE THE GALLON ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE WATER. now, while all the smoke is in the gallon, you take the aluminum foil off and start to push the gallon back in the water. this will make the smoke rush out. just put your mouth over it while you pushing the gallon down and inhale the shotgun. repeat until your out of bud. youll love it, i guarantee it
blue star Wow....

I forgot that the internet could offer such a wealth of knowledge...
misstree i have heard that smoking from aluminum contributes to alzheimers... could be urban myth, but hey.

favorite ghetto smoke is packing a cigarette. just empty the tobacco out, and load in your *well-cleaned* pot. shake it down, repeat. a lot of waste, but good for concerts and crowds.

favorite home made bong was the cannon--nine feet of pvc from a friend's temp job, turned into a bong in the usual way. the thing damn near killed all who smoked from it. first time my friend and i did, we both saw Death. the next time, the trio of us saw our brains smeared on the wall behind us (thus the name). only four people ever successfully cleared it without coughing--and if you coughed, you died.
jessicafletcher simple is good. 20oz cherry coke bottle, hole cut in one side,foil bowl in hole. i don't smoke, but i make bongs recreationally.
dr. pepper can.
cleverly manipulated espresso pot once.
blue star you know... my friends and I went through this whole phase where we smoked out of tinfoil....

I don't wanna get alzheimer's!!!
daxle when I think about all those nights we stabbed at plastic water bottles with ball point pens, never thinking to burn a hole with a lighter, well that amuses me a fuck of a lot...
we always referred to it as the rudimentary bong
phil alpha_bong 020728
burden Aluminum, either a can or foil, burns like Satan... isn't there some toxic stuff in there? I just realized the irony of the words after the ellipsis. Anyway, is it weird that my local Mobil gas station sells actual glass pieces (only spoons, but still) right at the counter? Oh, yeah, a corncob pipe, some electrical/duct tape, and a 20 oz. bottle is like ghetto chic, I dunno. 020728
phil today 020729
HD special Well, for a quick pipe thing, just take a trip into Home Depot. Go to the piping section, and get a barb, some pipe, a pipe coupler, and an elbow. Should cost around $5. Just fint it all together, you can use a screen or aluminum for the bowl (in the elbow). Enjoy.

If you want to get a bit fancier, you could:
Once again go to home depot. Get: 1 pipe coupler (skinny), some coiled copper tube (same size as pipe coupler), 1 barb, some of the cheap hose, and pick up a 20 oz in the vending machines outside.
Attatch some of the coiled tube to the coupler-thing. Fill the bottle with water. feed the copper coiled tube into the bottle. Let the coupler rest on the mouth of the bottle, and seal with some tape. Now, put a hole in the upper-side of the bottle, and put the barb into it. seal with tape. attatch the hose to the barb. Put another hole in for a carb.
Put a screen or aluminum foil into the coupling for the bowl. Load with weed, light, inhale, and watch the bubbles :).
A note on the second design: the more coiled copper tube you use, the cooler the smoke gets, as its submerged longer. However, it can make it harder to suck. Try to keep the water to a level not too far from the bottom of the tube (1-2 inches) to keep it nice and easy to hit.
have fun :)
Lia Ah, good memories... the first time I ever got high was with a ghetto bong. Two paper cups with the opening taped together and a piece of a pen. 031204
celestias shadow the easiest kind to make is the coke can one. hold it sideways so that the end with the drinking hole is facing you. Then punch a bunch of little bitty holes on what is now the top of the can (the side), near the other end. Put another lil' hole on what is now the bottom. Put your weed on the part with the little holes and have fun. like poetic_onslaught said, just don't drop it. 031204
misstree technically that would be a pipe rather than a bong (still damn handy tho)... i think gravity_bong s would take the title of easiest... besides being easy, it packs quite a wallop. 031204
woooo one piece of aluminum foil

that's all you need

pure genius
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