ClairE Yay! 011212
birdmad what you get is what you see


damn havent heard them since the show at a place called Prizms back when i was in HS a looong time ago

jebus, when did i start feeling so old?
ClairE gorgeous 011212
User24 sweet rain

I emailed gene_loves_jezebel and asked for an mp3 copy of it (they have a few mp3s on their site) and they recorded one just for me!
white_wave is ancient birdman i must be older than you. i do remember them.

at that time, i was like huh, what's a CD?
birdmad The show at Prizms was notorious in town for a couple of years...

they came during the summer, playing a little all-ages club that was packed with all these mid-80's goth kids like me and they whined and bitched about the heat (which was understandable to a point, but they got a little overdramatic about it) and only played two songs before leaving.

The local weekly indie/alternative newspaper did a piece in the music section about the whole affair and at the end of the year, in their Worst of Phoenix edition, they made a remark about the brothers that caused them to be pelted with Twinkies when they finally delivered a make up show several months later

I liked the band, but i lobbed a few of those things myself on principle
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