snaggle Where's mine? I think it got lost in the mail along with my fashion sense and my copy of the agenda. If the package somehow got to you, instead, please send it my way. 001021
jennifer I think it might have gotten sent to me by mistake...
I'm sorry
snaggle DOH! I need it more... could you bear parting with it? 001025
Gaidin anyone know where the service department for Gaydars is located? I have been looking for a customer service number somewhere so I can get an RMA # in order to send mine in to get fixed. It was broke when I got it. And this was after it was lost for years in the mail. 011222
thea i think sometimes i can tell. there were these girls at my camp who i think were a couple, and once i realized i was rather "doy!" because of course they were.
there was a fairly gay boy in my class last year. he denied it but i thought he was. it was too bad because i kind of loved him- he had seagreen eyes and he gave candy to a nerd post-beating.
it's funny. but in buffy, and in this movie i saw on tv about a woman's gay daughter... the daughter and willow have that thing that makes me think people are gay.
what's it to you?
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