Saint No, it isn't an oxymoron like somebody suggested at the "mormon" blathe. I happen to like my money very much. I may not be rich, but i inhabit a tax-bracket just high enough that i like seeing my investments protected.

No, i don't like the war, and no, i don't like the religious nuts in the party, but there are a few issues where i feel better served by the GOP and so that's why i do it.

Yeah, i'll bet people on both sides of the political and ideological fence must find this to be a very itchy idea.

Gay Mormon Republican Naval Reserve Officer, State Legislator. Wow. I'm glad i'm not the only one who knows about him, but i guess Satan/GrendelBird(..etc, etc.) you actually live in the same state as he does, you would know. I missed a chance to se him speak at a Log Cabin function a couple of years ago.
satan satan satan i dunno, man. it just seems so contrary to me.


i can see how the fiscal end of it might appeal to you, but at the expense of potentially everything else? i mean, really, these aren't the same republicans who were trying to court a more diverse votership back kn the early 90's. Ever since the "Contract with America" (which in my opinion has always been more "on" than "with") That party's just been teeming with creepy far-right life-forms.

You know it's bad when even somebody as notoriously far to the right as the late Barry Goldwater went as far as to criticize how far out they were getting.

I still can't help but equate the idea of gay republicans to other oymoronic, paradoxical phrases. Libertarian i could understand ...but republican? ouch.
minnesota_chris They prove that Republicans have no intrinsic values, they are only in it for the money. 030402
Saint I would be more hurt by that if you weren't at least a little bit right. 030402
minnesota_chris well, the Democratic party doesn't OWN the gay folk, any more than it owns me... I myself voted for Nader because Gore couldn't articulate anything good.

Do you have any other values you share with the GOP?
minnesota_chris I told my brother that Republicans are morally and intellectually bankrupt, he didn't like that much. 030402
Saint Listening to the way they foam at the mouth when ever anyone challenges their views lately, Minnesota_Chris, I would have to agree wholeheartedly.

Seriously, I read one of Ann Coulter's editorials and thought that:

A) She should take some of what Rush has been taking and shut the holy hell up


B) SHut the fuck up and get herself laid. ( I know it sure works wonders for me.)

or both.

shivers im not from the states, so my opinion is based basically on shit i've heard, but i just wanted to say that neone who doesnt belive in total human equality, just simply scares me. gay republican seem like hypocrites 031023
realistic optimist the two party system is old and outdated. gary coleman for president! 031024
Lemon_Soda Cthulu for president. Why settle for the lesser of two evils?

The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is the way they are spelled. These partys used to mean something but now they both mean one thing, the american standard: Money. The most horrible, vile, despicable, unjust, polluting crap is allowed here so long as its "economical".

Barf on your money. Barf all over it.
realistic optimist hehe i saw that cthulu for president site too. that was probably the best quote on there, most weren't nearly so good. *chuckle* 031024
breygris RINO. Everyone go pick up a copy of Dude, Where's My Country by Michael Moore. it's a magical journey into this country's eye, and a horrifying look into its' bowels. also, it's a funny book, and it doesnt f-ing PREACH at you. well, except for sometimes, but he doesnt take himself seriously most of those times, so. GO READ IT YOU PEOPLE. SKIP SURVIVOR THIS WEEK, READ A BOOK INSTEAD. (heh, kidding.. no one watches that anymore do they?) 031027
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