MercynRe sexy thing stuck in a twelve-year old's body... but i dig pale scrawny white boys and he treats me good 010427
Annie111 i know a twelve year old gavin. he reminds me of my cousin, but with a kinder heart. he is online right now. his mother is dying. 011128
ilovepatsajak i like this name. 011128
ClairE Yum, Rossdale.

Ooh, sexy_thang.

And Gwen, of course.

She is, too.
whoknows fuck! gavin rossdale is so fucking sexy! 011128
kelli crane wendy needs to get herself some gavin. 020115
??? what the hell is wrong with you people??? 020430
kerry sellers only writes about boys named gavin. 020501
kill rhythm i know a gavin that lives by me, but he is 13, and gavin rossdale is amazing. he was probably my first celebrity obsession.

wait. i lied. it was keanu reever in bill_and_teds_excellent_adventures

god a guy named gavin just told me more stuff about george 020501
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