Los I am the gargoyle, it seems, 010402
Sol isnt it funny how christian churches have such 'pagan' demonistic carvings over their outside, whilst the 'religeon' itself was attempting to eliminate all trace of such behaviors 010402
~gez~ gargoyles, the angels of darkness. satans little helpers 021009
distorted tendencies I have a statue of one on my vanity. 021009
cresentwhench I believe a gargoyle watches over me.
He protects me from the rain, and keeps me out of the sun, shall I explode. He drinks from my veins, and occasionally tells me he loves me. You know the feeling of laying down on a bed and you don't feel anything under you, so you twitch just to check...just to see if you're really floating? Thats what he does to me. Hes a gruesome being, knarled from times passing, granite in color, and smells of moss. Firey red eyes and pointed ears set atop a fearsome head, nobody disrespects me when I'm with him.
InfernalDragon How very true, no one would dare. 040212
smurfus rex mine is named Petras. He watches my bedroom. He looks like he's dozing, but it's all a ruse. 040212
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