Benji if you need me, me and neil'll be hanging out with the dreamking
sabbie i was really fond of 'good omens',
and extrodanarily keen on 'neverwhere' (can anyone tell me if the faithful dawn song 'neverwhere':
"hunter finds me/scared and alone/ do you really want to go home.../
im going down to neverwhere/ i dont know cos/ ive never been there before/ im escaping you..." is from the tv show, or did they jusst do a song on a cool book?)

but stardust just wasnt even vaguly as much fun. i was pretty dissapointed, even if it did have tori as a tree that had been previously a nymph.
our hero: "well, your a very nice looking tree."
the tree (a little wistfully):" i was pretty cute as a nymph too."

dear dear...what a messy blather sabbie.
sorry bout that cheif
donaldson read 'American Gods'? quite a bit of good fun, despite the fact that you could see where he was going with it...

and I've been to House on the Rock and it's just as tacky and fascinating as he describes it...
devalis "Intent and outcome, I've been told, are rarely coincident."
- The Sandman, Morpheus
celestias shadow good omens was possibly the most enjoyable book i read all summer. 031026
MollyCule "have Neil read
'Snow Glass Apples'
where nothing is what it seems"
-Tori Amos, Carbon

"Nicholas Was" is the most fucked up, depressing thing I've ever read, and it's only 100 words long. It's contained in the book "Smoke and Mirrors" which is all short stories.

And yes, American Gods and Neverwhere were both quite good. I haven't seen the BBC TV version of Neverwhere yet but I'll probably rent it someday soon.
Kristopher I got the Neverwhere BBC series on dvd for my birthday.

I am so happy!
it_always_rains_on_the_unloved is amazing

the_sandman collection kicks my ass all around, up down and back rocks my face off

i have read it through twice, and i love every page
what's it to you?
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