the hogfather here we go again.
the inevitable; oh yeah. friday nights.

bah. anyway, its not so much feeling depressed as the fact that. i dunno. gah - i hate not being able to explain what i mean. its such an annoying feeling. (it also sucks not being able to type for shit!)
anyway. i dunno. its like ive had this idea/feeling all day. like i need to..i dunno get out, post on blather, express. but i cant.
its quite annoying. buggrit.
the godfather trilogy is out on dvd headache....all day...

so not good.

the hogfather dammit.
i know i had a post on here about bv3. and i cant find it. and i want to post there. i had a dream last night. crazy shit. but anyway - it involved me finally getting their cd. bah. now im TRYING to download some songs off kazaa. but everyone there is being stupid - and not having any of their songs. dammit.and the people who DO have their songs must have fucking ancient computers. or just a shit internet connection. coz its gonna take like - 8 hours to download one frikin song. bah.
me...:( bah. i feel so fucking pathetic. so here i am - i think im having a bd day. then i read this post, and im like - shit im pathetic. seriously - i have nothing to bitch about, or complain about. im just depressed or in a bad mood - and i have to come here with my wannabe 'sob-stories'
i hate it. im jsut stupid. ha - its like im not even worthy of being on here. there's pepole worse than me who probably need this more than i do. but here i am. like a little loser. looking for attention.
just kill me please.
the hogfather ha.
and i officially have no right to ever bitch about anything. ever again.
i never knew this place could be quite so depressing. or make me feel quite that pathetic.
what's it to you?
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