Pop The Blue Pills My name is Gaetano,
Im 5foot 6..
I have a knife in my hand,
its right on my wrist,
watch me on cam,
as i bleed a easy death,
watch me as i shed,
my tears of joyful love..
Pop The Blue Pills everyone, this is where i will ahve my personal page hopefully...i doubt anyone will look here..its not a vcery common name/word... 040627
sheherazade i met him in miami. i was naive. his cousin wanted to take me to fort lauderdale. they were low level mafioso. he objected. he didn't like black people. his tongue was slimy. i was seventeen. nothing ever came of it, thank the dieties. 040628
oscar everett Didn't they used to be fake designer jeans in the 80's? 040629
trickling down in theory that was "Gitano" 040629
oscar everett Boy does that sound "Ghetto."

Thanks for the clarification though.
Not Gaetano A sexy name, in my opinion. 080126
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