typhoid brighter than a thousand stars, larger than a thousand grains. the pinnacle. what we have been waiting for. what meets all of our expectations.
absolutely no remembrance of the darkest hour.
jennifer No one quite understands what gets into us drama kids down at the millennium_theatre (aka union_plaza).
Every full moon we have a party. There's nothing quite like our lighting system, we have a red_flowered_mirrorball that makes our actors take their clothes off. We listen to Eiffel_65 and spin and fly. We catch the circles, eat brownies and have fun_with_polaroids. We listen to Anastacia, and have close calls. Then we all go home, and no one really ever talks about it again. It's not a pagan thing, or a wiccan thing, it's just our_thing.
And it's pretty damn cool.
SilentBob It's bright as day outside because the moon looks like this giant pale blue eye, shining down like an enormous musical spotlight, lighting up the city as if it wants to be the sun. Talk about envy. 000615
amy isn't it, though? 001014
god favorite song - full moon" by swell maps 011203
girl_jane There's a full moon tonight... 020328
FNP90 who needs a moon?
I don't even like the moon
I like the reflection of the moon better than the actual moon itself
if we just had the reflection
then I would feel real good
things are just getting to realistic nowdays
kerry i always think of the sesame street song, sung by maybe Cookie Monster or it could have been Elmo, and they always compared the moon to a cookie... since then i've always thought of it like that.
yellow and a tad bit crunchy.
Ariadani If Moon was Cookie

If moon was cookie,
me think me would be happiest monster you ever see
me put on a spacesuit, then up through the night, me ride in a rocket to go take a bite

me take bite from here, me take bite from there, and pretty soon, me bite everywhere!
me eat with both hands, no need fork or spoon,
me chew it all up, until there no moon!

if moon was cookie it wouldnt be fine, because if me ate it,
then it wouldnt shine,
me come to the window and look up at night,
but no little moonbeams would give me their light,
so me not like to say it, but it clear to me, it lucky that moon is not
a cookie.

~sung by cookie monster~
Ariadani I_dont_want_to_live_on_the_moon 020510
kerry that's it!! thanks! you rock! 020510
Ariadani *grin* no problem. i have a thing for lyrics. ^-^ 020511
werewolf put a full moon in each eye, it's what everyone wants 020511
Rae I saw a full moon the other night, there was blood on the moon and it had three rings. 020811
Rhin = emotional blathes 021119
angie i hear ya...
i am soooo emotional...
not only do i get my period during the full moon...i am always just out of whack in general at this time of the month. someone get me a chocolate IV
p2 years ago
my dad was driving me home
from a yankees game
some kids in another car
decided to give us a full moon
i wanted to pull out my bb gun
and shoot em in the asses
too bad my dad was there
i woulda liked to see how good my aim was
and shoot to hit the large intestine
. . 040304
white_wave many of mine and your strange thoughts and behaviors over the past few days can be attributed to the fact that the moon is quite full this evening... 040304
girl_jane Saturday. 040304
pobodys nerfect when I saw this title,I instantly thought of Ozzy Osbourne's song,"Bark at the Moon"...maybe because we have a werewolf here at blather. =) 040304
werewolf i woke up naked in the woods sleeping next to a collie. 040305
pobody hmm..no offence,but your date sounds like she was a real dog! ;D Looks like I'll have to increase your dose of anti-moon juice(lime kool-aid to everyone else). *pours you 2 glassfulls and sits in a chair across from you* Now,I don't know why you feel the need to do this nudist thing in the woods all the time, but if you don't learn to control yourself soon,I'll have to resort to some pretty drastic measures--barney cd's 24 hours a day for three weeks! 040305
. O 040701
pete a full moon on canada day, what a combination! parliment hill craziness plus drunken craziness plus moon craziness!

blue moon in july coming up:)
camille full moon
bolted across my window
my heart skipped and stopped
like a childish game of
red light, green light

in my dizziness
i thought the moon
had forgotten to balance
in the center of the dark sky
until I caught sight of it

feeling feverish.. i reach for blather
LS tastes like cool flower petals on my skin. 060214
9 When the moon was full, I cast a love spell intended for a particular man who lived in England (I'm in NY). The spell, however, basically asked the Goddess that, if any possibility for a soulmate, a love that would last for a lifetime, was there *waves to northwest* that we would find each other within the next month. I asked, as a sign that it would happen, for the wind to change from SE to NW when I said "so mote it be". It immediately did.

Within the next month, I fell in love with a man in Germany; and he's just bought his plane tickets to come here.
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