mmm also see: my life 010325
Becky Sometimes.. people do really fucked up things. and sometimes.. I want to kick the shit out of them for it. 010902
Jamie is my head. I have the man I love. I have everything I wanted and now that I can't have what I had, I want it. I am fucked_up! 020103
phil "If something is fucked up and you can't ignore it, just fuck it up some more" -- some real smart guy 020514
little wonder when i feel like a really need to cry or i feel like i should be miserable for a little while, i pretend that someone died. 020514
bethany that i haven't cried in months, only a few times in the past year, and mainly from physical pain
but lately
i just can't stop, and i don't know why, and the possible reason are so shallow and dry, and i don't really want to but i just start for no reason
Astrid dead inside.
to care not its the only way to fuck everyone else but yourself.
theres nothing left to do if you realize you cant control shit.
it doesnt mind if you are the clever guy... you - cant- handle it.
so fucking lost line up at the door, membership pass at the ready.

fucked up
so fucking lost

some days i think im clawing my way back
some days i think im clawing my way forward
some days im not sure which way i should be going
squint how much people care about what my boyfriend is like and looks like and whether he is worthy of me or vice versa.

fuck off, dudes.
stork daddy hey what's your boyfriend like...is he worthy? is he as worthy as all of us? the collective jealous alone...i doubt it i doubt it...i doubt you too...get out of here...just go 020515
liquid silver i just thought of having a baby, just so i'd have an excuse for staying home on friday nights. not actually considered, just thought about.

still. fucked_up indeed.
girlnamedlover god damn, the things you do are so fucked up. 021207
User24 ~no matter who you are~
~or what you're going through~
~there's always someone~
~more fucked up than you~

clam abuse.
unhinged The top 1 percent of all households owned 35 percent of the world's wealth last year. Meanwhile, the top 0.001 percent, ultra-rich households holding at least $5 million in assets, commanded $21 trillion -- a fifth of the world's wealth.....

admittedly being of a socialist leaning, often struggling to pay the bills and having no health insurance, that above fact makes me quite ill.
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