Ariadani wanna be my fuckbuddy?
*smiles coyly*
my boyfriend said it's ok, 'til he gets back...
jane dave swears that this is what sean is

i think he's just jealous

but then again, i wouldn't mind. well, i guess i would. where do you draw the line? i know sean isn't my "boyfriend"
i'm not that naive
but it doesn't just boil down to fuck buddy
distorted tendencies What happens when one of you falls in love with the other? I could never tell.. 021006
bethany oh man and i think he's hot too

but it's funny coa we relly get along
and i think
he's falling for me
but since i think he's an ass
i'm not actually falling for him
most realisitc thing i've had in a longtime
although it is in cyberspace

aba di aba di
thhhhhatssssall folks
MyFigureFemale a fuckbuddy would be nice
but i think i just want a fuckbuddy who will stay around for the cuddle then she can go
i want a fuckbuddy who cares how i like it and maybe will nibble for a time or two
i want my fuckbuddy to come back for seconds and thirds
i think really i just want her to snuggle with me and eat chinese
after the FUCKING part of her being my "buddy" is done
Death of a Rose Can't touch this. 031012
misstree i'd tak a lover over a fuckbuddy any day 031012
crimson I could not agree with misstree more, but at the moment all I have is a fuckbuddy. He's too casual, too lacking in experienc or salaciousness to be a lover. He is almost awkward in his handlings and reactions, but I like him nonetheless. 031013
rage he finds something better and moves on and your left wondering why you wanted to start this in the first place 050723
hsg life is fun this way 050724
buckfuddy don't make me choose 051113
stephshine in my experience a misguided attempt at gaining experience and confidence and succeeding only with feeling stupid and lost. 070303
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