Aimee Fuck it!!! I'm sick of being online and someone asking me whether or not I want to cyber with them... if I want to have phone sex with them... if I will help them jerk off. FUCK YOU!!! Is it written on me that I'm easy? Is it? I'm tired of people looking at me like they've seen me naked. What a great way to make me feel ashamed of my body. It's not a fucking compliment because there are days... like today, where I don't find myself attractive. Fuck the entire fucking world!!! Fuck you! I'm just tired of it all! 010719
baby satan i'll need a condom first. wouldn't want to impregnate the world, now would i? 010720
satan satan satan yeah, last thing this planet needs is a bunch of little_bastard_asteroids 010720
tonya really, just remember, that graphite_salsa makes a fabulous aphrodisac 010720
paste! graphite_salsa, if fully realized or intravenously merged, can fuck_the_world by itself, within seconds. it is more powerful than 2 million renegade_lawn_mowers in collective disorder. 010720
god 11. The Diamond Sea
time takes its crazy toll
and how does your mirror grow
you better watch yourself when you jump into it
'cause the mirror's gonna steal your soul

I wonder how it came to be my friend
that someone just like you has come again
you'll never, never know how close you came
until you fall in love with the diamond rain

throw all his trash away
look out he's here to stay
your mirror's gonna crack when he breaks into it
and you'll never never be the same

look into his eyes and you can see
why all the little kids are dressed in dreams
I wonder how he's gonna make it back
when he sees that you just know it's make-belief

blood crystalized as sand
and now I hope you'll understand
you reflected into his looking glass soul
and now the mirror is your only friend

look into his eyes and you will see
that men are not alone on the diamond sea
sail into the heart of the lonely storm
and tell her that you'll love her eternally

time takes its crazy toll
mirror fallin' off the wall
you better look out for the looking glass girl
'cause she's gonna take you for a fall

look into his eyes and you shall see
why everything is quiet and nothing's free
I wonder how he's gonna make her smile
when love is running wild on the diamond sea
distorted tendencies exit_the_world 011021
love-lies-bleeding the_nihilism_question 011021
silentbob yah! fuck the sun i fuckin hate it too! 011021
satan satan satan i tried that.

i couldn't use "the one pronged pitchfork" for a hundred years after that.
little fury bugs I would under the following conditions...

if I were male and equipped with a gigantic penis the size of uranus

if the world had a crevice big enough to engulf my hypothetical enormous member

...and for that matter...if I had a condom large enough to cover my colossal phallus, ya know, just to be safe...
I don't want to impregnate mother earth, only to have her give birth to another world that will ultimately make us all miserable. slowly but surely...it's inevitable

the safest sex is no sex...abstinence is the key, kids....well, that or masturbation...in that case, i think we should all pitch in and buy the world a giant vibrator. hang on kids, it's gonna be a wild ride. hehe.
shameful origami
indeed, but fuck her gently please.
she's still a little sore from world war iii.
Dafremen ..and you screw yourself. The world is of you, and you are of the world. F*ck the world and you f*ck yourself and well, wasn't that the whole point of this blathe, that you are tired of the world asking you to f*ck it? Let go, be aware that the little brains will continue to seek after their own selfish desires, their own petty fulfillments. Feel sorry for them, for they are naught but you in another guise and with less of a clue. 020618
god walk past the wig store 040101
hUgs143 it's funner to make_love_to_the_world.

MLTTW, not ftw.

doing_it with a smile.

not necessarily a sexual act.

just a kind of nice intent.
somebody I WANT DEATH. 070610
what's it to you?
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