Quintessensual there is no such thing as frigidity. everyone still alive has about the same temperature. a frigid person is a dead one. but there is such a thing as rigidity. inflexibility. inability to loosen up. fear of connecting with another. fear of letting one's hair down, or letting one's clothes be removed by another trying to connect, trying to get into you and your head. those things are frigidity, actually rigidity, and they are characteristics of quite warm, and sometimes quite hot, people. 990917
Papa thats just bollocks.
Where's all the shaved pussy?
Fearful Frigidity is not disinterest, it is fear. 000715
Wisdom fear of intrest you mean... for what else is there to fear but the eperiance itself? 010612
*Ziima* I can be frigid. Its so easy for me to be bitter and cold like an old prude bitch. 010612
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