doog ffilps the program of God, an ideal cause of mass control through radiation signals passed through every household electrical appliance, reversing the original theory of God, we as humans create frequency and control ourselves, not realising that we are creating computers that have the capability to carry out actions beyond our control, God didnt come at the beggining, we shall create it, a computer made by man that has the capability to control us via frequency waves,its a nice little thought but it could have already happened we could believe we are to carry out our everyday lives to create a healthy environment for the future generations but what will they be? cloned humans with computer chips planted in their brains? 020617
looker you wore a shirt of violent green
i never understood the fre-quen-cy
you said that irony was the shackles of youth R-E-M
bangaaeter 98.6? 050712
what's it to you?
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