Dafremen Fatboy McGee
Fatboy McGee
Something's wrong with you
Or is it something with me?
Heard your point of view so much
I'm starting to see
You're right of course, I'll be like you
And stop being me.

R. Dafremen

The following play is based on true events that do not now, nor did they ever matter.
It is the result of seconds of thought and a great deal of exaggeration.
Any similarity between the characters in this play and real characters is
probably not coincidental, a direct product of the fact that this play is
(if you were reading a sentence or two back you would know this)based on a true story.
No malice is intended to any of the characters or their realworld counterparts nor was any animal testing used in the development of this play. If you are offended by material of this nature, please DO NOT read it. It is noone's wish, particularly not the author's that anyone be unduly offended by what is written here, so IF YOU HAVE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST TWINGE OF A FEELING THAT YOU WILL NOT ENJOY IT AND PERHAPS MIGHT EVEN BE TRAUMATIZED OR OFFENDED BY IT...PLEASE DO NOT READ IT.

In the future this disclaimer shall be abridged as follows:

DISCLAIMER: This is free expression. Interpret at your own risk.

SocioCops Take On The Blather_Meanie
A Play In 3 Parts by Roger Dafremen


Depressed Person: Oh boo hoo, I am so depressed. Woe is me!

Blather_Meanie: Yea well it could be worse, what the hell are YOU whining about? Waaaaah!


}Cue Police Sirens{

SocioCop #1 (over loudspeaker): You! Blather_meanie! Stop bothering that depressed person at once. What is your problem anyhow?

Blather_Meanie: You're my problem'll never take me alive! Buwahahahahaha!

SocioCop #1 (over loudspeaker): That's it, you've left us no choice..we're going to have to analyze you.

Blather_Bystander: Hey that ain't right! He was only expressing himself same as anyone else.

SocioCop #2: Please leave the area immediately or you too will be analyzed blather_bystander..or should I say...blather_meanie_cro0bie?!

Blather_Bystander(backing off slowly and reluctantly): Grrr!


Blather_MEanie: Hey back off the cro0bie, man...I'm sure we can work something out...ok look...truth is I was just typing. You know? Clickety-clack-click?

SocioCop #1: And what did you think? That you could just TYPE aimlessly, willy-nilly whatever you felt like, without any consequences?!

Blather_MEanie: Well without any severe consequences...yes I did. It's not exactly assault...I mean these are words that we're talking about!

SocioCop #2(analyzing): See? This is what I mean. He's simply using this "typing aimlessly" tactic in order to get attention and validation on the sly without facing any consequences.

SocioCop #1(nods head in agreement, shakes head at blather_meanie): Sigh, whatever are we to do with this attention starved jerk? Doesn't he know how pathetic he is?

Blather_meanie: Now hold on just a damned minute! I may be many things but I am NOT in need of validation or attention nor am I afraid to face consequences. I rock VERY much thank you and my own attentions are sufficient. I am perfectly capable of providing my own validation and that's a fact!

SocioCop #2(still analyzing): As you can see, my ploy worked. I have tricked him into revealing his true motives. His egotistical, self-centered nature is surfacing. What an arrogant @sshole!

SocioCop #1(still agreeing): I could see that all along.

SocioCop #2: Diplomacy be damned! Well you egomaniacal sh*traker?! What do you have to say for yourself?

Blather_Meanie(feeling somewhat trapped): So I'm either typing this stuff because I'm in need of validation or else I'm egotistical? No other choices? Well ok, but I'm really just typing it. If you want to make more of it than that..go right ahead.

SocioCop #1(to SocioCop #2): Let's wrap this up. He's not tiring and I have a feeling he's enjoying it. Besides, this isn't fun anymore.

SocioCop #2(to blather_meanie): Alright pal, that's it, this conversation is over! Drop it or you'll regret it! Do you understand me?!

Blather_Meanie(definitely hamming up the whole innocence thing by now):Hey don't threaten ME copper. I mean my whole thing is to live and let live...but damn...I mean YOU started this whole conversation! I was just typing! Really! Just typing...



silentbob thats funny daf, cuz i have a play too. maybe we can perform it in the same theater in a joint performance. how does broadway sound? junish?

here's my script:

Blather_egocentric: blha blha blah shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker mutherfucker tits fart turd and twat! Aren't i so contreversial? pay attention to me! Im stirring things up a bit by saying busy words that have negative connotations! look at me! respond! blah blah blah i said fuck! i said shit! aren't i so risque? aren't i offending anyone?

blather_bystander: thats stupid...

blather_defense: Hey, bystander, its ok to have your opinion, but don't trash on blather_egocentric, he has the right to blathe just like the rest of us. he has the right to free expression.

blather_bystander: I know. but .. thats just stupid.

blather_egocentric: Blah blah blah! i didnt mean to offend anyone! blah blah blah! please take to heart that i am only here for mirth and enjoyment! i love you! i love you blather bystander! please dont hate me! please don't choke on the semen i ejaculate into your throat!

blather_bystander: this is stupid. that isn't shocking at all. you might as well have said, "I love you but suck it!"

blather_egocentric: BUt blather bystander! that was such a cheap joke! i know you can do better! please! please do better!

blather_bystander: what the fuck? it was SUPPOSED to sound cheap and of COURSE i could do better. but im not going to because...this is stupid!
Dafremen Loved it. Thanks Bob. : ) 020420
Dafremen And so you see folks..there is only free_expression where two or more people agree that what is expressed will be interpreted as an entity separate from the person expressing it.

Elsewise, the tyranny of differing opinions and perspectives imposed will inevitably cause the majority to persecute those whose expression differs from their own.

The personal biases against individuals will be FORCED upon a stand-alone piece of expression.

The interpretation of the píece tainted by personal bias against the artist? Yup, you heard me. Itīs another justification for artistic snobbery and itīs so damned common amongst artists itīs not funny.

I mean when the value of your chosen career field (poet, author, actor, sculptor) to society is questionable at best, you look for shields to hide that fact from the rest of the world. So they turn their noses in the air to hide the fact that they arenīt anymore capable of artistic expression than the average joe. ĻYea Shut Up Average Joe...what do you know about art? Youīre a crude neanderthal whoīs looking for attention

And youīre not?!

If you speak your mind, theyīll try to shut you up, but when you finally give in, youīve silenced yourself.

Express yourself.....freely. Donīt shut up. Oh and no matter how many times they try to force their point of view on your interpretation, tell them to f*ck off! Interpret it for yourself.

Keep free_expression FREE!
silentbob wow
i agree with you daffy!!! i can't believe it.

And i think that just because someone writes about something, that doesn't necessarily hold true for them. Like stephen king writes horror. but he isn't a serial killer or anything.

i write about my own death constantly, but that doesn't mean i am going to kill myself
This is free_expression.
Interpret at your own risk.

Well there's the rub then S'Bob. Reactive dialogue is a form of expression that I like to create ALONG WITH many other more "acceptable" (I guess) forms of expression here, poetry, word play, stories, etc. I don't want anyone's attention, as I've said before I'll take it if it comes my way but I really just want to write, create and express myself and that INCLUDES engaging in nonexistent dialogue with previous blatherers. MY intention isn't to start debate (although once again, if that's what results then that's what it becomes and so be it..expressed freely if you will in the form of a dialogue.) Now we agree on something and I'll be damned if that ain't next to something if anything good comes of it. I am not on a quest for attention, I'm just typing what comes to mind when I read something. If anyone would just believe that (besides those who have already figured it out) and stop pasting intention labels all over the stuff that I write (including this), it's really just as dumb, repetitive and or entertaining as most art out on the market there. I'm not saying that to credit myself but rather to make a statement on the mediocre quality of most(certainly not ALL) art being produced these days. If ya get it and ya just don't care..then leave well enough alone or amuse yourself as you will. If you don't get how this can be expression then that's really your failing...not mine.

Anyhow, glad yer a proponent of free speech. Glad yer so comfortable with the idea of dying. I am too, makes living a hell of a lot easier to do.

This is free_expression. Interpret it at your own risk.
silentbob so im thinking

just because some expression is stupid. that doesn't necessarily mean the person expressing it is stupid.

but that doesn't mean i don't have the right to say back to that person "this is stupid" and nowhere did i say "You should leave blather and not say anything on here because you are stupid." i never said that.

all i said was "this is stupid" and then i got critisized for it.

but i'm going to stand by it. because it's just annoying. and i never said to poetic_onslaught that he should stop talking or that ANY of his expression was meaningless. and thats why its ok to respond and to complain and to bitch.

i have the right to bitch.

so fuck off.

this is free_expression if you have a problem call me at 1-319-286-9200

peace in the middle east
Dafremen I agree one hundred percent. This IS your free_expression and I enjoy it very much. Thatīs why I am encouraging you to keep it up. Duh. : ) Shalom SīBob. 020422
squint i like this page

(the end.)
User24 free expression is such a bad idea. Everyone should agree with me. 030703
Dafremen I couldn't agree more. 030709
wundafishy if i didnt have free expression
i could almost fit into normal society
(kill the urges, you have to kill the urges)
as i said, almost...
blah. sorry dafremen, I didn't actually remember you'd done this when I wrote


all props to you, me fellow!
dafremen Now hear this:

You are on a site dedicated to free expression. Your expectations mean nothing here. Don't ever forget that.

That is all.
Soma You want to smile, smile.
You want to frown frown.
Use your facial muscles as you will,
Free expressions.
dafremen heheh

(an approaching voice calls from the stands)

"Free smiles, grins and sneers!
Get your red hot smiles, grins and sneers!"

"Yea..over here. I'll have a smile."

"Close mouthed or open?"

"Closed please."

"Did you want that semi-sneer?"

"Is it extra?"

" extra charge."

"Do you use Elvis brand?"

"No..sorry it's Billy Idol."

"Hmmm..naw I think I'll pass this time."

" ya go..enjoy!"

"Thanks. Good luck."

(receding into the distance)

"Free smiles, grins and sneers!
Get your red hot smiles, grins and sneers!"
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