1. The members ARE the Clan...knowing this, Clan decisions must reflect member's opinions to the greatest extent possible.
All major decisions require a majority membership vote. Minor decisions will be made by general consensus.

2. We ARE NOT a trash talking Clan. We are simply better than that. Let the other folx call each other names.
Sumtimes it's a hard not to react...I know...but it makes for a much better game. (We gotcher back if they talk sh*t)

3. Gain respect then educate. Many players only know what they've seen on the servers and what they've been told.
Gain their respect through skillz, then educate by example.

4. Never ever under any circumstances must you as a member of the Clan EVER forget....Fragz Ain't Skillz.
Fragz are one measure of a good player....but there are others which are just as important. We strive to have em ALL.
Related Thought:
After this Game...there'll be another one....and after that one...another one...after that another...and another and inifinitum(if we're lucky!) (So the win is NICE....but is it worth blowin a gasket over?)
Dafremen Clan Policies:

1. Only by a majority membership vote and UNANIMOUS Founderz/Trustees vote may a player become a member of this clan.

2. Skillz are necessary to be considered for entry into FAS. If your attitude conflicts with the clan ideals, however, you can keep your skillz...we don't want them.

3. Once a member of this clan, membership can be stripped from you only by a majority membership vote.
Dafremen FAS Members Conduct:

1. When playing as FAS you should play with your name by itself or (optionally) with the FAS tag following it.
If playing without the FAS tag, wear the clan skin. Do not wear other tags while playing with FAS.

2. FAS does not require that you revoke your current clan membership, it is preferred that you do however.

3. FAS members don't whine and attempt not to complain.

a. Not about things players do:
Camping,Quad Hawging,BFG Use, etc.

b. Server settings:
Weapstay, No Weapstay,BFG enabled/ disabled, etc.

c. Connection conditions:
Your bad connection (LAG!), Their great connection, etc.

d. We might attempt to educate players that are using intrusive settings, or practices if it is felt that the player is open to change. Beats arguing with them.

4. Have fun and enjoy yourself. After all, yer FAS.
Dafremen Fragz Ain't Skillz..

ninja quaker quake2 still kicks CS and quake3's ass. 031017
Persona oooh is this a Q3 clan? and is it instaunlagged?

you know, someone really should start a blather clan
Unreal Fanatic i'll join the clan. will there be insta-gib? 040229
god are you a shark or a jet? 041010
what's it to you?
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