Homer is a lame-o corporation. 000217
cali j gullivers travels
he thinks therefore he is
so come to a long and needed rest
he gets no love for this test
truly it is he says
but truly he's wrong
and our contestants for the day
in the green corner wearing camophlage pants mr many pennies hailing from americans most loved city farksville
and in the blue corner wear stunning black pantaloons mrrrrrrrr finkle shmire
lets get ready to ruuuuuuummmble!
*whispers*who's that fox
cali j mr. many pennies gets knocked down oh no its rocky he knocks blacky out poor blacky has finally come to his senses. Poor guy thought he knew what he was doing oh well.......... 010625
Casey This channel used to have sunday morning cartoons. This channel no longer has sunday morning cartoons. Sad 010625
ClairE stone_cold


wade from sliders (ssss).
impatient virgin My noun for hot guys, usually accompanied by a lot of swearing, as in

"shit, he's a fucking fox."

usually said under my breath, and at least once a day.
Toxic_Kisses To dream about a fox means that an enemy or rival is among your acquaintances. If the dream involve the killing of a fox you will overcome a threat of trouble and will win in every engagement 030603
jane i always wanted to be called a stone fox 030603
sylverquiklight vulpes has such a negative connotation in rhyme and verse when they are such noble creatures i find myself like vulpes shy reclusive playful cunning predator beautiful in a backwards way and people look at me like i'm strange when they find my obsession with this elegant creature if they only understood me they would know 040124
sylverquiklight besides, I AM A FOX. 040320
zanna fox mulder, fbi 050713
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