typhoid im invicinble in here
just dont touch me
maruku sitting up here in the tall tower
with walls all around me
and fire breathing fish in the moat
i am safe, inside, in control
but i wonder about the world i can barely see
hands well,
i got angry and defensive.
it's true,
people don't make sense.

but then, we know that doesn't matter.
forgive myself
with nourishment

with an 'us',
wherever possible,
and steps, steps, steps.

one day, there'll be a flag.
mon would you let me enter if i had the secret_word 030829
(_) might
as well be
caged inside these
bars of worry pillars
mountains they grow to
keep me in

for hours days months who
can tell anymore i
sit building a
prisonhouse for myself
heart this thing if it exists
and won't be carried
away by wind of desperation

i stay
and begin to look
like my cell if it has a color
other than fear
i can't see it
and it paints me over
i can't see myself

camouflage what i
claim to wish for
except it calls me crazy
and i bash my head against the mountain range
of thoughts
and it is true
so i am gone

i left a fortress
for you to hide in dears
what's it to you?
who go