velocipede rider of the 1890s as opposed to casual_sex

I mean, okay baby, I'll wear the tux, but only if i get to leave my pants at home
jezabel the meeting of primal slish
beneath satin and crinoline,
white flecks on tuxedo pants,
careful coifs coming undone
in fur-lined cloakrooms.
and i can hear
the dry silken crackling
of the royal cunt
and the royal cock
painfully doing their duty.
Borealis would this involve dinner? or no.. 040709
Doar It's where you ask for sex in a non-decandent way?

ie; instead of "Want to play hide the tude snake?",

use; "Would you care to enter into a heated embrace that descends *cough, cough* into rapidly repeating cycles of pleasure induced sensations, the end result being a coma of pleasant dreams?"
pete "We'll meet at 16 hundred hours exactly. Now don't be late, or I'll leave without you." 040727
unhinged this concept puzzles me 040727
TK nothing more then a tux and highhills
mmm thats sexy, I oughta try that sometime
nomatter romantic
in a bed, for sure with the bed,
cadles and incense
i'm sure to be out of my head
kxxx69 e.g "We'd better put a towel down" 040830
what's it to you?
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