may I live like you silly me. I forgot about you and me. I was hoping it was over, but I found that impossible. Since we are the same person, In a sense. You, Nathalie, are the one that fucked it up. Fucked up this wonderful life that Nat had made for herself. and Nat, I, HAte you for that. I want to kill you Nathalie. 030615
sixteen hmm. thats pretty powerful.

are you certain?
endless desire I love you Nathalie.
I want to save you Nathalie.
But I can't.
I hope you want to save yourself Nathalie.
minnesota_chris Nathalie oh Nathalie,
I feel that now I must go pee
Because I drank too much coffee
This has naught to do with thee.
My precious Nathalie.
what's it to you?
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