Thyartshallshant How long? Until worlds colide with the moon and stars? Until mans flame is long died out from this twirling ball? As long as there is
Me and You...
there is forever and a day.
Megan I thought my torment would last forever and a day... I thought I'd worship you until doomsday and give you puppy eyes till one of us died. I thought this was it, this was the love of my life. I believed you when you told me your idealistic lies that were only what you wanted me to believe about you. Nothing more. I still believe them, deep down. You're too sweet to lie to me. But you were only my first love. There will be another, and I will handle him in a better way. I will love him without restraint, tell him how I feel at every opportunity, give him that hug he so desperately needs when his girlfriend dumps him. I will swallow my pride and love him fully and openly and visually and verbally. I will lose myself in love, and when I fall from this walk in the clouds, I will fall hard, and I will cry out to the universe in a keening wail that will do nothing to lessen the pain. I will cry out openly and fully and verbally and visually, and I will not hide my pain in shame, and I will be love's fool. I will live my life and love my life and live in love.

Because love lost is nothing compared to love never lived.
Alexander Beetle You can never just leave well enough alone, can you? Even forever just isn't long enough. For God's sake, let it be. 011029
whenever i hear that expression i think of the old heatwave song 050321
steamer trunk i told you that i loved you,
but it didn't matter much
cyanide_faerie i waited forever and a day for you to awaken from that cold slumber
i gave up hope, your eyes ever opened
so i waited another forever and another day for mine to close too

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