a Riddle: I am not circumsized, yet i have no foreskin. What am I?

Answer: A girl! Duh.
somebody odd... but it works!! 040628
FloydianSlip My boyfriend is circumsized and after doing some research he's realized what he's lost. There are SO MANY benefits to having foreskin so he's starting restoring his. He'll never totally gain back what he's lost, but we've both noticed 100% improvement. It's great! Knowing what I do now I would NEVER circumsize any boys that I might have.

I always thought it was kind of strange that we feel the way we do about circumcision. I mean if there was a clinic or a doctor openly circumsizing women for non medical reasons the doctor would probably have his license taken away or the clinic be under pressure to close. ...But yet we do this to our boys everyday. I just hate the double standard of it all.
Roaul Duke i for one am very very glad women arent circumsized. what are the benefits? 060627
Roaul Duke to men being uncircumsized? 060627
Lemon_Soda Well, culturally speaking, almost everyone has a tradition of doing it, though for many african tribes, this did not happen until "manhood".

Medically, it cuts way down on infections and other diseases. Also, standard condoms don't work very well, sliding easily off.

Plus, I don't like the idea of having a snuffleluffagus nose drooping between my legs.

But hey, to each their own.
. I'm told that non disfigured penises are more sensitive than those that have been modified. Never having been without my lovely floppy foreskin, I have no way of knowing for certain if that could be true or it could be false. I do know that the tip of my foreskin is very sensitive and gives exquisite pleasure when touched, even before my lover gets close to actually touching my cock, and so foreplay pleasure is increased. The hygiene issue is very much a personal one in this day and age, in the developed world. I'm a very fastidiuous person and my cock has never ever been dirty or smelly or infected or anything other than a very wonderful thing to get very close to and get to know. I'm a very happy cavalier. 060627
Roaul Duke if circumsized men are less sensitive without their foreskin, than dont they last longer while having sex? 060628
. Haven't got a clue, as I've never been without mine. Apart from maybe my first couple of times as a teenager, I've always been able to last plenty long enough!!! 060628
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