oodles Gazing. Smiling. Dancing. Touching. Kissing. Lips. Tongues. Fingers running through hair. Massaging. Licking. Ice cubes. Sucking. Clothes coming off piece by piece.

Foreplay is a dance.
A dance two lovers perform for one another to please, to excite.
It's a priview of what's to come.
It's sexual desire.
camille (music to listen to while you read)

I walk to the place
We created perfect
You and I alone
waited long
waited patient
for loveís song
For this moment and
This moment alone

Itís misting out
I take hold of the
Hand and heart offered
Your touch electric
Your ocean of tidal waves
Crash upon my shore

You gently tug me to
A place
Its center a meadow
Where all that surrounds
Is in between

Passion between you and I
Long time stirring
Coming to Fruition
(deep breath) sigh

You turn to me and gently
Take me in your arms
Our eyes touching,
Till we find that place
Locked deep within
And roving

You pierce all walls
Others tried to penetrate
This fortress within
And there we meet

A love that transcends all emotion
Ever felt
Teetering on the brink
My heart may fail
More than itís ever been dealt
Your flood of emotion
I drink this ocean

A feeling to being
Totally alien to this
Armor we call flesh
Has ever felt bliss

Your eyes look into
Others created, the fools
With the back of your hand
You wipe away my tears
Emotions flooding deeply now

I look up, and into you
You become my moon
My reflection in your eyes
Becomes midnight blue

The sky finally softening itís grip
Stride growing long and muscial
As you glide down my arms
As rivulets down slopes
Toward the sea

Your eyes become a crib for my heart
My skin begins to remember
How long years had been
Since our words touched last

Your soft smile
And gentle touch
Run from tear to hair
You entangle there

You draw me close
Your breath I feel
Upon my lips
As you whisper...

...All my heart had never
Known this...

As you gently move to kiss

Mingled within
Heavy breathing
My lungs strain to push out
This breath
Our hearts begin to pound
Within ... the only sound

Like this...

Heavily breathing
Our long awaited hunger
We wait no longer
My arms take you in
I begin to run my fingers through
Your hair
You pull me close
My breath your lair
As I hold you softly there

Underneath a sky gathers clouds
And tears come
Tears mingled with flooding emotion
Amidst an ocean
Your taste
My only potion

Give me to drink
All of who you are
As within your arms and hands I sink
My heart may go beyond, I think

Waiting too long for this moment
More passionate our kisses become
You run your hand down my back
I become earthen clay
you begin to mold me
As with the same ... my hands convey

My hearts skin slips off like
A fine silk camisole
O moon of silence
Feel the vibrations within my soul
Tonight he is quiet
And balanced upon my lips

Hands roving lips merging
Bodies entwined
Our members surging

We stop for a moment . . ..

You lift me in your arms
And begin to carry me
Never leaving your mouth
As it is there I want to stay

I realize happiness floats
It doesnít need us to hold it down
There is no place large enough
To contain
Itís boast

When you raised your arms
Happiness flooded out of you
Looking deep into my eyes
As if right on cue
Still holding, kissing
Everything disarms

I sink into you
Feeling the warmth of your breath
Then from somewhere
A calm musical note arrives
You balance it on your tongue
I find you in the space between breaths
Like a balm that heals

We stop and we plant
One inside the other

I look round and see a small cottage
In the distance
I jump from your arms
And begin to run towards
Candle in the window
Signs of your vigil

You chase after
I hear your laughter
Easy I am sure
As I can run faster
You say

Your right behind
between door and you
Like a pressed spring flower
You hold me there
Long awaited
Passionate kisses dew

With one hand round
One hand behind
You reach to open
The door to unwind

Our bodies tremble with
As it begins to rain itís

I walk to windowsill
Look back to see you still
In front of candles glow
Fireís reflection in your mane
I want to plant myself beside you
And soak up some of your light
Outside the rain

I took two candles
Set them on your bureau
Itís raining now
I walk to crawl inside you
My hands caress your face

You take me in your enveloping arms
You encase me there
As I become youíre second skin
You draw me close
And kiss my lids
Hands reaching sliding, gliding

Deep breath
Our eyes meet and bring us to
Conscious being of each others touch
No words left to describe what we feel
Like a conch holding oceans
Words captive

You travel the terrain
Landscapes of hardened nipples
ache to feel your breath
Your whisper ripples

Smooth as satin
Tangled in lace
We are held captive
By our embrace

The rhythm of our bodies
Perfectly in tune
Beads of sweat gather on
Your lip and brow

We slow (breathing)to pace ourselves
Yet holding back
Our release to delve

Our lungs rise and fall
In perfect unison
A sensation of drowning
As your mouth opens
And spills words like
Liquid flame
You whisper...

I have never known
Loveís emotion
To be Ö. this

Nor have I , is my reply
I caress your back
And bite softly at your neck

Quickly your breathing quickens
As I run my tongue from neck to chest
Down your belly and past your navel
And up again
I feel your hands in my hair
Your lair
As you draw me closer
My hands are carressing you there

We continue to kiss
Not rushing the moment
You lay me down and rest your head
Upon my breast
Your stubble feels so erotic
Against my skin
Your eyes never losing sight of me
Slowly you move above me to drape
And cover me with the essence of you

I close my eyes consumed in the
Intoxication of your feel
You enter me
And reside within
I arch my back
As you tuck your hands beneath

Your head thrown back
At the intensity of it all
Your hands clutch tight
This is so right
As you whisper my name

My hands run along your arms
Feeling contracted muscles
Straining as a drop from your
Forehead slowly falls and rests
Upon my lips

Back arched I begin to feel
Your heart beat within
Deeper than a surging surf
Both entwined in rhythmís rhyme
I part my lips to take you in

Candles burning , hearts enflamed
Storming thunder and aching breath
Reaching that place , the center of you
The center of me
We climax there where stars meet sea
Under a strong moon my heart swells
Not just once , but twice

Hot on my breast, strong arms
Salty flesh...

camille savouring 000129
lotusflower is usually a good idea. 000223
hopeunknown I remember when we were alone together

as your hand traveled across my body

wanting to tear my clothes off in a rabid hormonal fury

you kissed me, with passion blazing like fire, all over my face, burning my skin with your warmth and desire, slowly leaving my face and down to my neck

a let out a subtle noise of my pleasure, as your lips press all over me and then part, as you give me a gentle bite on my neck, and a light feeling drives me wild as your mouth tugs my skin and your tounge glides in circles upon it

your hand then hovers above my stomach, as you place it and slide it up my body, as I tingle with pleasure beneath you, as you push the barrier between my skin and yours up, revealing my undergarment which you remove almost instantaneously, as my chest rises and falls with my shallow breathing and rapid heartbeat, as I crave for you to touch me more and kiss me all over and to feel your body against mine

I ask you what you want to do, and you reply with a simple moan as your mouth moves down from my neck and down to my milky pale breasts, as I rise and fall beneath you...
Piso Mojado not negotiable 030121
a thimble in time Is Coelho saying that soft caresses lead to a weak orgasm while strong caresses lead to a more intense experience?
What does he mean by intensity?

Even the happy_trail can be confusing...
Piso Mojado "the caresses of foreplay determine the intensity of the orgasm."

the orgasm is based on the amount of time given to foreplay.

i think the point coehlo is making, is what you sow is what you reap
Piso Mojado or that a building's strength/height etc is dependent on it's foundation 040203
unhinged is 80 to 90% of my orgasm

and i'm so sick of the sloppy selfish people that skip it

i mean honestly, what the hell....

on average, sex probably only takes about five minutes; if we disregard conscious effort to extend/delay the act. so don't you want to be that close to me for more than five minutes?

maybe not....
Death of a Rose Yes. More preparation is required before we light the fireworks. 040315
Syrope i'd kill for some foreplay that takes place NOT between the hours of 2 and 6 am. that's not a social life, that's just actively losing sleep.
i'm more than ready for this semester to be over
. nurtures 041107
kymied Nibbling on my neck is foreplay.

Except with you because you don't put out.
what's it to you?
who go