kerry i need to cry when i separate these senses
to write a good poem and
all i end up thinking of
is you.
i've known TOO long.
or maybe not long enough.
to get down to the point,
to the core of this
atomic ghost
inside me,
would mean that i long to stand

so close to you
and for once
not feel miles away.
and to peel away the fibers
of your heart and unstitch you,
leave you in pieces.

i want to pull you apart
and then
that you love me.
i want your hand around my wrists.
i want your eyes on mine,
i need your arms to close me.
squint for you

was the title of a photo in which someone bled. and the skin was blurry but the red was in focus. The blood....for you...

what a terrible thing to send someone.
mon what can i do 040108
egger . 040108
Coldplay Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try

To fix_you
fix8ed whos a sweet one then ? 070426
Isaou Everything I do
I do it for_you

I wish I had said that when I had the chance
Isaou Sit back and watch, listen, hear
As I tell you how I care.
Believe in every word I say,
I hope to take your breath away

You're like the rising sun in my morn
My midnight dusk, my early dawn.
You begin my day & complete my night
You may not know, but you're my light

I know that you've abused my trust,
My heart, my soul, my love, my lust.
But I forgive always, that you know
Cos out of love I fall so slow.

My lust, my love, my soul, my heart,
To you I pledge this work of art.
The paths I'd walk, the things I'd do
For you, for you, for you....for you.......

"That was Lucy wasn't it?"
Isaou What did I mean? 090712
Nandita Anytime I look in the mirror and see something I like, I remember you.

It's nothing if it isn't for you.
what's it to you?
who go