quinceye For Rent:

I'd rather stay in the same bedroom but with a different roommate. Now actually any roommate. Well, almost any.

I like my bed and the room it's in, most of those who've shared it with me have liked it too. Besides, moving sucks.

The bathtub is really nice too.
nameless well I'd love to be your roomie. My parents here are driving my nuts. It's really annoying, my mother here's bugging me all the time like giving me "invisable" (however it spelled) signs to improve my grades. My grades are fine, something like 8.5 average. I'm just DYING to move on my own already 000415
rabbit of the morning oh what fun you will have, what is your name anyway? 000415
*CatMeow* For Rent: one brain, used on very few and far between occasions, such as cramming for exams after not going to class for two months, writing 3000 papers the night before they're due, and trying to remember why I get up in the morning. Avaliable as of 01/01/01, one dollar, or best offer. 010102
. I can only spare 20 mins
I'm expensive
carne de metal I'd rather stay here in my room, nothing out there but sad and gloom. 020207
what's it to you?
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