black-dyed gel product Iíll wait for you till I turn blue
Thereís nothiní more a man can do
Donít get your bollocks in a twist
Settle down, donít take a fit
Ya drank with demons straight form Hell
They almost nearly won as well
Ya wiped the floor with victory
Then puked until you fell asleep
MollyCule I remember, when I was a little girl, how much it pained me to never ever be able to find stickers or shoelaces ar anything personalized with my name, not even Captain Zoom's Birthday Planet tape (my brother, Bob, was much luckier and inspired much jealousy). Now it seems like every time I turn around I run across something else with the word Molly in the title somewhere. From band names (mollies revenge, Molly Hatchet, Flogging Molly) to products and companies (Molly McButter, Molly Maids, Molly's Bar and Grill in y_town) to songs (Good Golly Miss, Oh Bla Di, or whatever the actual title of that Beatles song is) and about a million dolls, and yet I still can't find for the life of me a single pair of personalized Molly shoelaces. 010701
black-dyed gel product Guess who I saw at the Warped Tour on Saturday? That's right, Flogging Fucking Molly, one of the greatest bands ever. I got to go crazy in the Randall's Island dust pit while they played a fifteen minute version of Black Friday Rule. It was the only pit I've ever seen where people were doing both the hardcore dancing stuff and Irish jigs. It was a very surreal scene as almost everyone had on those surgical breathing masks to stop all the dirt from getting in their lungs; that combined with doing jigs makes for a funny picture. I also split my lip open when I caught an elbow to the mouth. Best of all, I got to meet Flogging Molly. They had a big sign up that said "Meet Flogging Molly 4:30," so of course I did just that. I got to talk to them for a little bit, and they're all really great guys. The bassist said something to me like, "You look like you were having a fucking great time out there fucking shit up, with your fucking mask on doing a jig, real hardcore." Dave King was great. He said, "God, you're a sick foickin' bashtard!" He saw me freaking out in the pit and thought that was fairly entertaining. I had a fucking great time at Warped. I got to see one of my favorite bands perform, and I got to meet them. How great is THAT? 010807
unhinged i saw them yesterday at warped. they were my favorite band. they were so happy on stage, punk can get so negative sometimes. i thought it was totally kick ass that they had all those irish folk instruments in their band. i bought the cd and a few of them autographed it because they were selling the merchandise out of their tent. they were very cool. i would see them again in a heartbeat. 010808
birdmad swing_a_little_more 011120
anti-social butterfly i saw them two days ago. they were so awesome. it was crazy how they had their irish folk instruments and sounded all irish like and then broke out into punk songs. i agree with unhinged. it is refreshing to see a punk band that is so happy and fun and not negative. it was awesome to see all the hardcore punk kids at the show get so into it and just have fun. what a fun show. i can't wait until they come to town again. 011120
misstree as much as i love flogging molly, i am constantly frustrated by my lack of ability to download anything by the_tossers, whom i actually like more in whatever genre that would be. 020311
a birdmad and a few pints of guinness new disc= good 020430
misstree what's the name of the new disc?

(woo hoo! got flogging molly, tossers, pogues, *and* tim malloys on the work computer before the cd-rom got gakked!)
old weird bird drunken lullabies 020501
SoulLot Did any of you happen to catch the Flogging Molly show in Columbus? 020502
Casey What's Left on the Flag and Drunken Lullabies are both great. In fact, many of their songs are great. I first heard them at Hot Topic when the store I went to in Des Moines had one of their CD's out for preview listening. 020503
falling_alone makes me wanna get up and dance 031223
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