puredream Book: Mirabilis
Author: Susann Cokal


We seal our bargain with a kiss--the kind any woman might give a sister.
grendel stichomancy 040628
z Holding the last two lines in his head, he looked about at the buildings again. (Why not live dangerously?) He wrote the last lines hurriedly, notating them before they dispersed.

page 79, Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delaney
Wesleyan University Press
Toyota At the close of the Han, Taoism was a religion as was Buddhism and as Confucianism had become. 040628
chloeNtheSUN this was the closest book to me.

He had thought of love as a rapture which seized one so that all the world seemed spring-like, he had looked forward to an ecstatic happiness; but this was not happiness; it was a hunger of the soul, it was a painful yearning, it was a bitter anguish, he had never known before...When she left him it was wretchedness, and when she came to him again it was despair.

Of Human Bondage
W. Somerset Maugham
User24 from "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

Count Olaf was always right behind them, performing such dastardly deeds that I can scarcely list them all; kidnapping, murder, nasty phone calls, disguises, poison, hypnosis, and atrocious cooking are just some of the adversities that the Baudelaire orphans survived at his hands. Even worse, Count Olaf had a bad habit of always avoiding capture, so he was always sure to turn up again. It is truly awful that this keeps happening, but that is how the story goes.

I only tell you that the story goes this way because you are about to become acquainted with rude, violent, filthy Camelita Spats, and if you can't stand reading about her, you had best put this book down and read something else, because it only gets worse from here.
laced the trick of finding what you didn't lose
(existing's tricky:but to live's a gift)
the teachable imposture of always
arriving at the place you never left

(and i refer to thinking)rest upon
a dismal misconception;namely that
some neither ape nor angel called a man
is measured by his quote eye cue unquote

much better than which, evey woman who's
(despite the ultramachinations of
some loveless infraworld)a woman knows;
and certain men quite possibly have

shall we say guessed?"
"we shall" quoth gifted she:
and played the hostess to my morethanme

-from "selected poems of E.E. Cummings" page100
. CS Lewis - Perelandra, pg 78

ecstasy! - they touched solid pebbles. He had not realised till now that he was pining for "fixed land"
notme said about the bag of money as need be, "let me go and I will promise to tread on nobody's house." But no, it was easier to get into that hole than it was to get out again, for Grandmother Mole held on and bawled for help louder than ever. "Help! help! here is one robbing a poor blind mole of all he has in the world!" That was the way he kept up the song, and he made such a hubbub that the folks came running and hauled them both up before the Master Judge to see what he had to say about the business.
-page: 85,
chapter: VII/ Seven O'clock
author: Howard Pyle (with verses by Katherine Pyle)
viator Isaac Asimov - the end of eternity
page 109 chapter eleven - full circle

'it was with a dull surprise that Technician Andrew Harlan, on bursting into th 575th, found himself in the night shift. The passing of the physiohours had gone unnoticed during his wild streaks along the kettle shafts. He stared hollowly at the dimmed corridors, the occasional evidence of the thinned out night force at work.'
pete "But there could have been no 'past' before creation, because there was then no creature by whose changing movements time could be enacted. If change and movement were created when the world was created, then time and the world were created simultaneously"

XI:vi, City of God, St. Augustine of Hippo.
Fey Book closest to me, first thing I see is.
When lovely woman stoops to folly,
and finds too late that men betray,
What charm can soothe her melancholy?
What art can wash her tears away?

The only art her guilt to cover,
To hide her shame from ev'ry eye,
To give repentance to her lover,
And wring his bosom is-to die.
--Immortal Poems Of The English Language. page 211.
u24 ok then, I will.
Nyaya_Vaishesika, one of the orthodox schools of Hinduism. It holds that earth, air, fire and water are the four types of atoms. Space is a substance and a container of atoms. The atoms are everlasting and eternal, though their combinations are neither. Properties of complexes are explained in terms of the properties of their components. There are emergent properties the causation of which does not require that something come from nothing; one need only grant brute causal connection.

Get yourself a copy of the Cambridge dictionary of philosophy. fucking brilliant book. want some more?

inductivism, a philsophy of science invented by Popper and P.K. Feyerabend as a foil for their own views. According to inductivism, a unique a_priori inductive logic enables one to construct an algorithm that will compute from any input of data the best scientific theory accounting for that data.
See Also: algorithm, Duhem, Philosophy of science.
pSyche Faust:Part Two, Act I
scene 7, page 63

"So there, you see! Take up with fools, and you'll
Regret it; even the Devil learns that rule."
lucy Solamente hay una opción, entre el número infinito de opciones que se presentan a cada segundo, que puede traernos felicidad a nosotros y a quienes nos rodean. 060326
overcome The artist, the man who makes, is less important to mankind for good or evil, than the apostle, the man with a message. Without a religion, a philosophy, a code of behaviour, call it what you will, men cannot live at all; what they believe may be absurd or revolting, but they have to believe something. On the other hand, however much the arts may mean to us, it is possible to imagine our lives without them

W.H Auden, The Dyers Hand, p277.
falling_alone It was a Darkness. It is rather hard to describe, but you will see what it was like if you imagine yourself looking into the mouth of a railway tunnel- a tunnel either so long or so twisty that you cannot see the light at the far end. And you know what it would be like. For a few feet you would see the rails and sleepers and gravel in broad daylight; then there would come a place where they were in twilight; and then, pretty suddenly, but of course without a sharp dividing line, they would vanish altogether into smooth, solid blackness.

Pg. 151
C.S. Lewis
Book 3 of the Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
monkey out in space got nothing better to do a major factor in the decline of psychoanalysis is the reluctance of insurance companies to foot the bell for an open-ended treatment at a cost of more than $2000 a month. back in the 1950s, analysis was a status symbol and a mark of sophistication, a role filled in society today by cosmetic surgery.

newsweek mar 27, 2006
Officer Graham "foot the bill" 060327
Officer Graham "foot the bill" 060327
poet nuclei to combine into a new heavier atom. As with fission, the energy released by nuclear fusion can be enormous, again because of the conversion of mass into energy. Gram for gram, nuclear fusion liberates even more energy than nuclear fission-between three to ten times as much.
Nuclear fusion powers suns and other stars. Scientists beleive that the sun is [sic] formed when a huge quantity of interstellar gas, mostly hydrogen, condensed under the force of gravity. When gravitational pressure became great enough to heat the gas to about 15 million degrees Celsius, hydrogen atoms began fusing into helium. The sun began to shine, releasing the energy that drives our solar system. Scientists estimate that the sun, believed to be about 4.5 billion years old, is about halfway through its life cycle.

wow, that was annoying, but imagine 643 pages of that....
im just saying ....i though it interesting 060328
poet i didnt mean the writing, i meant to type it. i mean, imagine typing 600+ pages on stuff like that 060329
flowerbed on a cloud His heart beat faster as Daisy's white face came up to his own. He knew that when he kissed the girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishab breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the turning-fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her.

-- F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby, page 94
pete "Though the spectacle of these 'human advertisements' was opposed by the two Montreal locals of the CMIU, they were overruled by the international head office. In fact, the Ottawa spectacle was not an isolated incident."

Free to Smoke: Tobacco Consumption and Identity
By: Jarret Rudy

The force that through the green fuse
drives the flower

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
Drives my green age; that blasts the roots of trees
Is my destroyer.
And I am dumb to tell the crooked rose
My youth is bent by the same wintry fever...

- 20th-
Edited by Gary Geddes
oops Dylan Thomas not DYLAN THOMAS 061114
nom and it was pg. 142, but the number isn't on the page 061114
nom and that was my third flip) 061114
Doar George R.R. Martin
A Feast For Crows

Her own twin interrupted her musings. "Would Your Grace honor her white knight with a dance?"

She gave him a withering look. "And have you fumbing at me with that stump? No. I will let you fill my wine cup for me, though. If you think you can manage it without spilling."

"A cripple like me? Not likely." He moved away and made another circuit of the hall. She had to fill her own cup.

Cersei refused Mace Tyrell as well, and later Lancel. The others took the hint, and no one else approached her. Our fast friends and loyal lords. She could not even trust the westermen, her father's sworn swords and bannermen. Not if her own uncle was conspiring with her enemies....
nom oh my, poetics not politics, oops again
"welcome to the broadcast"
twenty (first book snatched off shelf)
"Hotel Lautreamont", John Ashbery

page 10
(an excerpt, I don't feel like typing the whole thing)
Autumn Telegram

Seen on a bench this morning: a man in a gray coat
and apple green tie. He couldn't have been over fifty,
his mild eyes said, and yet there was something of the ruthlessness
of extreme old age about his bearing; I don't know what.
In the corner a policema; next, sheaves of wheat
laid carefully like dolls on the denuded ssward,
prompting me to wish of dreaming you again. After the station
we never made significant contact again. But its alright,
isn't it, I mean the telling had to be it. There was such fire
in the way you put your finger against your nostril
as in some buried sagas erupts out at one sometimes: the power
that is under the earth, no I mean in it. And if all the
disappointed tourists hadn't gotten up and gone away, we would still
be in eachother's reserve, aching, and that would be the same,
wouldn't it, as far as the illustrations and the index were concerned?
pete "At first glance, the /corlm/ appears to be a flightless bird, sometimes as much as eight feet tall, with a long neck and a sort of double crest on its head, but instead of feathers it is covered with long striped or mottled hair resembling the color pattern of some house cats."

The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan and Teresa Patterson, p. 166
Strideo Asian and African

The Taj Mahal* (1632-1650), at Agra, India, built by Shah Jahan as a tomb for his wife, is considered by some as the most perfect example of the Mogul style and by others as the most beautiful building in the world. Four slim white minarets flank the building, which is topped by a white dome; the entire structure is made of marble. Other examples of Idian architecture are the temples at Benares and Tanjore.

- from page 444 of the Time Almanac, 2001 edition that has been sitting in my office for years.

z The Enforcers turu the entire block into a mobile cop headquarters with cars and paddy wagons and satellite links on flatbed trucks. Dudes with white coats are walking up and down through the hop field with Geiger counters. Squeaky is wandering around with his headset, staring into space, carrying on conversations with people who aren't there. A tow truck shows up, towing T-Bone's black BMW behind it.

"Yo, pod." Hiro turns around and looks. It's Y.T. She's just come out of a Hunan place across the street. She hands Hiro a little white box and a pair of chopsticks. "Spicy chicken with black bean sauce, no MSG. You know how to use chopsticks?"

Hiro shrugs of this insult.

Page 159
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson 1992
Bantam Spectra trade paperback edition 2003
that should be turn 061220
nom shrugs of? or shrugs off? 061220
just waking up nevermind me 061220
epitome of incomprehensibility "...Writers are amongst other things the dream mechanism of the human race. Fiction affects us the same way dreams affect us. They both share the same insubstantiality. They both have the capacity to alter our reality. Dreams may be purer because they do not exist in words, but when fiction has entered us, it no longer exists as words either. We can control our fictions to some extent, but we cannot control the effects that they have on the world and we can't wholly control our dreams."

-part of a speech by Nigerian novelist Ben Okri at a conference discussing issues in The Satanic Verses, from the book The Rushdie File
twenty first book snatched (Paste!s book, his side of the bed/his side of shelf)

from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce
"Kevin's just a doat with his cherub cheek, chalking oghres on walls, and his little lamp and schoolbelt and bag of knicks, playing postman's knock round the diggings and if the seep were milk you could lieve his olde by his ide but, laus sake,the devil does be in that knirps of a Jerry sometimes, the tarandtan plaidboy, making encostive inkumout of the last of his lavings and writing a blue streak over his bourseday shirt."
from page 27.

this exhausts me.
coolsoundingme Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

The_Divine_Comedy: Inferno
Dante Alighieri
flowerock Book: Pillow_Mountain (Notes on Inhabiting A Living Planet)
Author: Michael_Bridge

Pirit is the front foot and life is the back foot. If the spirit foot can't find any ground. the life foot can't step forward. when the land is whole, the spirit foot can find a hold. You can feel the life foot is stepping forward.

The feeling of motion is very important. It makes the dreamseed kick inside the spirit womb. It says dreamseed_is_sprouting and is going to be born. When the land is whole, you can find footprints left behind from when The Creator passed by in the beginning of the world.

The wholeness of the wilderness is the heart of the Earth. When the heart is cut into pieces, the spirit leaves the body and all you have left is a dead body. Cutting up the wilderness and selling it in pieces is the same thing as cutting up the heart and selling it in pieces. Living in circles makes good sense because a circle doesn't cut the pand in pieces. A circle says the Earth is one being and life is one being.
oren And so, they_lived_happily_ever_after.

The End.
past a slightly crumpled, ruled piece of paper. from sometime last summer.

"1) confirmed age via fire insurance and city directory (land registry not helpful)
"2) map print
"3) cross ref first 20yrs of occupants w available census
"ftr - possible record stories
"-more resident details"

the detritus of an attempt at a career.
what's it to you?
who go