optic discretion flattery will get you nowhere. which is why the world is falling apart so. 020519
Soulbird flattery will get you everywhere! 020605
Soulbird something u say even though it is the opposite of the truth. spare feelings,undermine those u really dont like, even to gain something u wish u had.No u dont look fat at all. (while trying not to look at your friends rolls hanging)I love your new haircut! (meanwhile it looks like a tupperware bowl cut!) Yes i think u are goodlooking! (even though u secretly thank god u dont look like them!) I wish i was just like you! (meanwhile really would rather be a snail then be them!)
oh what a tangled web we weave when we practise to decieve! no too bad we all couldnt just say the things we mean and mean the things we say!!!
whome Be careful. When you finally open your mouth to sing they will get your bread. 031103
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